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Senior Students

Hi Senior Students and Families, 
We are excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year!   Below, you will find our "welcome" video that provides updates on what you can expect in the months to come!  Stay tuned as more information becomes available!  
Senior Program Highlights:
Our counseling program is designed to provide students with a variety of academic, personal/social, and post-secondary supports as they path into the final stages of their high school experience and beyond. See below for details! 
Senior Seminars
This year, we will have three seminars throughout the year covering the following topics:
  • Common App/Naviance
  • Financial Aid Refresher
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • JCP College/Scholarship Forms/Process
  • Financial Aid Award Analysis and Next Steps
  • Transitioning Beyond High School
Most of the content for these seminars will be provided via pre-recorded videos.  We'll then follow-up with in-person seminars/live Q&A during senior English courses.  More details will be made available to students via email and their counselors' Google classrooms. 
Post-Secondary Planning Night
We are tentatively planning to hold morning and evening planning nights on Monday, September 21st.  The morning option will be available parents/guardians and the evening option will be available to students AND parents/guardians.  It will primary serve as a live Q&A and a recap of recent content shared via Senior Seminars (and asynchronous videos.)
In October, we will schedule small-group, virtual conversations between students and college admissions representatives.  Stay tuned for more info!
Alumni Panels
In October, we will also hold a few different JCP alumni panels to explore graduates' experiences in the post-secondary landscape!  We currently plan to hold three different panels:  (1) general, (1) first-generation, and (1) HBCU.  Stay tuned for more info!
College Fairs
We are not currently planning to hold any fairs through JCP virtually this year, but we will continue pushing out opportunities via college/community partners through email!  Stay tuned!  
First-Generation Supports
In an effort to better target interventions based on student need/interest, we will continue offering small-group and individual supports for students who will be in their families' first generations to pursue and complete four-year college degrees.  Counselors will follow-up with their caseloads individually for more information.  
Senior Conferences
In April, all students will participate in a required 1-on-1 virtual session with their counselor.  This will be an opportunity for students to provide final evidence of their post-secondary plan, receive support on any personal/post-secondary-related concerns, and share any outstanding financial aid award information with their counselors.