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Jones College Prep seeks to hire talented and dedicated candidates whose professional ambitions and energies match those of the mission of the school and the outcomes explicated in our Profile of the Ideal Jones College Prep Graduate at Graduation.

We strongly encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds of all kinds including, but not limited to, diverse racial, religious, physical ability, sexual orientation, socio-economic, family, and educational backgrounds. Jones College Prep (JCP) and the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are equal opportunity employers interested in a work force representative of the diverse backgrounds of our school community and city.

  • CPS Careers - For further information on salaries, benefits, pension, and other details related to working in the CPS system.
  • JCP Positions - For a quick overview of Jobs at Jones

Help conserve paper and do not fax or mail paper cover letters/resumes.


Step 1: Register

To apply for a position with Chicago Public Schools (CPS), you must register on the Careers site and provide personal information to prepare your candidate profile, search for available job opportunities, and submit applications online. Go to CPS Careers Job Pool and select “New User” or sign in if you already have set up an account.

Step 2: Online Candidate Profile

Your online candidate profile has information and can be used to apply for multiple CPS position(s) without re-entering your information. When submitting an application online, you may be required to scan or provide digital copies of certain documents such as resumes, transcripts, certifications, or licenses.

Step 3: Search Jobs

After completing your online candidate profile you may search job listings for open positions and apply online. Each position announcement includes information about minimum qualifications, duties, and responsibilities, and required documentation for the application. Note: The school will be listed as South Side-606 South State Street (William Jones Academic Mag HS) under the position title.

Step 4: Submit Application to CPS

Once you have registered, completed your online candidate profile, and reviewed the available positions, you can submit applications for specific jobs.  Click on the position of interest, then “Apply Online” and follow the steps.

Step 5: JCP JobDirect - Submit Resume & Cover Letter to Jones

Lastly, complete the JCP JobDirect online employment quick form, and attach your cover letter and resume.  You will receive an automatic email confirmation. 

Thank you for applying to Jones College Prep!