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Service Learning

Service Learning 2016-2017

Each Jones student needs to complete a required number of service learning projects to meet the CPS service learning graduation requirement.  The service learning graduation requirement is different for the Class of 2020. These projects will be completed through students’ academic coursework in the following classes:

Requirement for the Class of 2019

Freshman year: World Studies

Sophomore year: Chemistry

Junior year: Math 3

Senior year: Senior English courses

Requirement for the Class of 2020, 2021, 2022

Two service learning projects are required for the Class of 2020 and beyond

Freshman Year: No project required 

Sophomore Year: English II

Junior Year: Government or Civics course

Senior Year: No required course

If the student is not able to complete the service learning project through one of the classes mentioned above, please make sure he or she meets with Ms. Marchell Goins, one of the counselors at Jones and the school’s Service Learning Coordinator.  She will work with the student to complete an alternative assignment.

Although earning volunteer hours is no longer a CPS graduation requirement, we strongly encourage it as it is something colleges may take into consideration when making an admissions decision. (These volunteer hours will appear on the student’s transcript.)

A completed timesheet needs to be turned in by the student in order to receive credit for volunteer hours. Each school year, the deadline for turning in summer service learning hours is September 30th of the current school year. The deadline for any hours earned during 1st semester is December 21st and the deadline for any hours earned during 2nd semester is June 14th.

Please refer to the Service Learning Policy Handout for more information. If you have questions please contact Ms. Marchell Goins at 773-534-8622.

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