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Service Learning

Service Learning 

All Jones students must complete a required number of service learning projects to meet the CPS service learning graduation requirement. These projects will be completed through students’ academic coursework in the following classes:

Requirement for the Class of 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025

Two service learning projects are required for the Class of 2020 and beyond

Freshman Year: No project required 

Sophomore Year: English II

Junior Year: Government or Civics course

Senior Year: No required course

If the student is not able to complete the service learning project through one of the classes mentioned above, please make sure they meet with Mr. Ryan Swanson, one of the counselors at Jones and the school’s Service Learning Coordinator.  He will work with the student to complete an alternative assignment.

Although earning volunteer hours is no longer a CPS graduation requirement, we strongly encourage it as it is something colleges may take into consideration when making an admissions decision. (These volunteer hours will appear on the student’s transcript.)

For students who complete external community service (i.e. community service outside of Jones), a letter from the organization needs to be submitted by the student in order to receive credit for volunteer hours. Evidence of students' volunteer hours must be written on an organization's letterhead and must include the following information: the student's name, dates of volunteer service, total number of volunteer hours, and the volunteer supervisor's contact information. A copy of this letter should be submitted to the student's respective counselor. During remote learning, this information must be sent to the student's counselor via email. Students completing community service at Jones (i.e. internal community service), with a Jones teacher, coach, sponsor, or other staff member, should use the Jones service learning timesheet to submit evidence of their volunteer hours. This timesheet is located in the counseling office and at the bottom of the Service Learning page (please see below). 

The following guidelines have been established for students’ volunteer service.

Restricted Service Activities

Students may not earn service-learning credit through the following:

  • Work with for-profit businesses and corporations (including daycare centers)
  • Work with religious organizations if the service involves promoting a particular faith
  • Work that is financially reimbursed
  • Participation in a sports team or other extra-curricular activity unless that group designs a service-learning project that contains the components and standards listed above
  • Assisting a teacher (i.e. correcting papers, cleaning the classroom)
  • Artistic performances or recitals unless students are involved in creating a project that includes a performance as an outcome of the project
  • Attending a workshop, conference or other educational event unless that training leads directly to a service project
  • Chores, babysitting or assisting a relative


Acceptable Activities

  • Volunteering in a soup kitchen, food pantry, animal shelter, or hospital (reading to children, delivering food)
  • Volunteering at a YMCA or Boys & Girls Club
  • Tutoring students in a school or community-based organization
  • Walk-a-thons for non-profit organizations
  • Neighborhood clean-ups for community organizations
  • Volunteering as helpers at Jones functions such as graduation, open house, or any other activity approved by the service learning coordinator
  • Only acceptable religious organization activities: tutoring, food/clothes pantry, and soup kitchen.
The deadline for turning in summer service learning hours is September 23. The deadline for any hours earned during 1st semester is December 16 and the deadline for any hours earned during 2nd semester is May 10th. *Please note that students will receive 1/2 credit if their volunteer hours are submitted after the aforementioned deadlines (i.e. if a student completes 6 volunteer hours then they are only able to receive credit for 3 volunteer hours.)

Please refer to the Service Learning page of the Student Handbook for more information. If you have questions please contact the student's counselor.

Volunteer opportunities in the Chicagoland area can be found by visiting the following links:

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