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Student Clubs
Students can find their niche at Jones through a wide variety of clubs and sports after school. 
Gallery 37
The Gallery 37 Center for the Arts provides a venue for youth, families, and adults to participate in several innovative arts programs, including After School Matters and the Chicago Public Schools’ Advanced Arts Education Program. Home to three site-specific public artworks created to enhance and celebrate its mission as a center for learning, Gallery 37 Center for the Arts is free and open to the public.
Columbia After School Arts
Through the Community Schools initiative, CCAP is shaping the schools of tomorrow through its commitment to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. By uniting the most important influences in children's lives - school, family, and community - this initiative fully supports their learning and development.
One of the highlights of CCAP's Community School Partnerships is its renowned, arts-centered, after-school model. By creating reciprocal partnerships between college, community, and schools, CCAP brings the creative experience of arts and engaged learning through a consistent schedule of out-of-school time programming for students and their parents offered on-site at partner schools.