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Clubs & Activities

Club/Organization Sponsor(s) Meetings Room
Affinity Alliance for Students of Color Ms. Tae Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:25 PM 4022
Amnesty International Ms. Dernbach Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 7:20AM 5036
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital Fundraising Club Ms. Cavallaro Monday/Weekly at 3:30PM 3040
ALAS Ms. Guerreo Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30 PM- 4:30 PM 4036
Anime Mrs. Kroeger Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 5030
Aquarium Club Mr. Lesniewski, Mr. Onate Thursday/Monthly at 3:30PM Library
Asian-American Club Mr. Dominguez, Ms. Tae Wednesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM Student Learning Center
Astrology Club Mr. Grossman Monday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 4038
Audio Video Club Ms. Makol Zamudio Monday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4037
Badminton Club Mr. Yoni Thursday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 4008
Best Buddies Ms. Roof Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday/Monthly at 1:55PM South Cafeteria
Black Leaders and Mentors Ms. Ogundipe Wednesday/Bi-Weekly at 2:00PM 5036
Black Student Union Mr. Tornow Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 224
Blue Elegance Majorettes Mr. Block, Shon Henry Monday, Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM Choir 
Breakfast at Timkangs Ms. Timkang Friday/Bi-Weekly at 7:20AM 308
Chess Club Mr. Wray Monday, Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 5002
Chinese Cultural & Language Club Ms. Yang Weekly, Every 1st and 3rd Monday and 2nd and 4th Tuesday 406
Chop It Like It's Hot Mr. Garrett Smith Wednesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 601
Comedy Club Mr. Lyons, Kyle Eck Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM North Auditorium
Common Cause Mr. Feeley Monday/Monthly at 1:45PM Library
Crowns and Capes Club Ms. Ricketts, Ms. Blackburn Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM 506
Cru Mrs. Rayski Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:25PM 5010
Current Events Club Mr. Smith Friday/Weekly at 7:20AM SLC
Debate Team Ms. Miller Monday,Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4030
Drama Club Mr. Lyons, Ms. Dernbach Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:45PM Bennett Theatre
Dungeons and Dragons Club Ms. Makol Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 5th Floor Art 
Engineering & Architecture Club Mr. Hashimoto, Mr. Slater Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM S4039
Fashion Club Mr. Feeley Thursday/Weekly at 7:30AM Library
Film Club Ms. Guerrero Thursday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM Fourth Floor Art 
French Club Madame Callan Friday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 403
Future Female Leaders of America Ms. Colby Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM Choir 
Garden Club Mr. Kovacs Monday/Weekly at 7:15AM Mr. Kovac's 
Girls Up Mr. Kolody Friday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 306
Green Team Mr. Hancock, Mr. Michniowski Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday/Weekly at 3:30PM 5009
Harry Potter Club Ms. Martinsek Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4005
High School Democrats of America Mr. Kovacs Thursday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 206
JCP Folklorico Ensemble Ms. Olivia Guerrero, Mr. Podlipni Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4th Floor Atrium
JCP Literary Magazine: The Fourth Floor Mr. Bastyr Tuesday/Weekly at 3:20PM 5032
JCP Robotics Mr. Clayton, Ms. Cathcara Monday,Wednesday/Weekly at 3:25PM 4009
Jewish Student Connection Mr. Maggid Monday/Special Schedule at 3:30PM 207
Jones College Prep Men's Acapella Ms. Colby Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday/Weekly at TBD 3014
Jones College Prep Republicans Mr. Borge Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM 502
Jones CS/Makerspace Club Ms. Lilagan, Mr. Kolody Monday/Special Schedule at 1:45PM 3011 / Library
Jones Start-Up Initiative Ms. Rothe Wednesday,Thursday/Weekly at 1:45PM Library
JonesPride Mr Coleman Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM Counselor's Corner
Kapatiran (Filipino Club) Ms.Timkang, Ms. Lilagan Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM SLC (if in use,  308)
Key Club Ms. Stimac Tuesday/Monthly at 7:30AM North Auditorium
Knitting, Crocheting, and Looming Club Mr. Feeley Wednesday/Weekly at 3:20PM Library
Mariachi Aguilas Mr. Jimenez-Rivera Wednesday,Friday/Bi-Weekly at 2:15PM 304
Math Team Mr. Eck, Mr. Kaushal Monday,Wednesday/Weekly at 3:20PM 5004
Medical Club Ms. Reichert Monday/Weekly at 3:30PM 5002
Model United Nations Ms. Osborne Tuesday/Weekly at 3:30PM SLC
Natural Hair Club Ms. Martin Thursday/Monthly at 3:30PM 503
Philosophy Club Mr. Feeley, Mr. Podlipni Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM Library  2
Poetry Club Mr. Gunnink Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM 5038
Polish Club Mr. Michał Michniowski Wednesday/Monthly at 3:30PM 5001
Political Fight Club Mr Maggid, Mr Kovacs Monday,Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM 207
Red Cross Club Mr. Wray Tuesday,Thursday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 4001
Rock Club Mr. Kovacs Monday/Weekly at 3:30PM 206
Sailing Club Ms. Lilagan Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday/Weekly at 3:15PM Columbia Yacht Club/ 3011
Sailing Club Ms. Lilagan, Ms. King Thursday/Monthly at 3:30PM TBD
Scholastic Bowl Ms. Park Wednesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4001
Science Olympiad Mr. Podlipni, Ms. Cathcara Tuesday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4009
Spanish Honor Society--la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Mrs. Parada Wednesday/Monthly at 3:30PM TBD
Student Government Association Mr. Slater, Ms. Verhey Thursday/Weekly at 7:30AM Library
Student Voice Committee Mr. Smith Tuesday/Weekly at 7:15AM Gov 
TEDx Youth@JCP Mr. Gunnink, Ms. Miller Monday/Special Schedule at TBD 5038
Tri-M Music Honor Society Mrs. Basa Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:15PM Band 
UNICEF club Ms. Cathcara Wednesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 4009
Webtoon Club Mrs. Makol-Zamudio Monday/Weekly at 3:30PM 4037
Weiqi/Go Club Mrs. Terry Thursday/Special Schedule at 3:30PM 406
Woman's A Capella Ms. Colby Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday/Special Schedule at 1:45PM Choir 
Women's Empowerment Club Ms. Harned Tuesday/Bi-Weekly at 3:30PM 204
Workout Club (Team Swole) Mr. Dominguez Tuesday,Thursday/Weekly at 3:30PM North Building Weight