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Clubs & Activities

Club/Organization Sponsor(s) Meeting(s) Location Social
Advocates for Education Mr. Wray Mon, Tues/Bi-Weekly at Ac Lab 5008 instagram: ecoledelaruedakar
Amnesty International Ms. Dernbarch Tues/Bi-Weekly at 7:15 AM 4036  
Anime Club Lance Larson Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5028  
Aquarium Club Mr. Lesniewski Thur/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 606 Instagram: jcpaquariumclub
Art Club Mr. Larsen  Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5028 Instagram: @jcp_artclub
Art Mag Mr. Larsen Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5028 Instagram: @jcpartmagazine
Asian American Club (AAC) Ms.Tae Wed/Monthly at 3:30 PM 4022  
Association of Latin American Students Ms. Olivia Guerrero Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4036  
AV Club Mrs. Makol Zamudio Mon/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4039 @avclubjones (instagram)
Best Buddies Ms. Roof B Days/Monthly at Ac Lab Lunch Room/Gymnasium Instagram: @bestbuddiesjcp
BLM: Black Leaders and Mentors  Ms. Ogundipe Tues, B Days/Bi-Weekly at Ac Lab 5036 Instagram: jcp_blmclub_official 
BSU (Black Student Union) Mr. Tornow Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 201  
Card Games Club Mr. Bochnak Wed/ at 3:30 PM 504  
Chess Club Mr. Wray Mon, Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5008  
Chinese Language and Cultural Club Ms. Yang  Mon, Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 406  
Citizen Science Ms. Reichert Thur/Every time there is a project that people are joining.  at 3:30 PM 5009 instagram: @jcpcitizenscience
Comedy Club Ms. Bingham Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM North Auditorium   
Common Cause Mr. Feeley Mon, Tues/Monthly at Ac Lab 3030B commoncausejones - instagram
Cru @ Jones Mr. Borge Tues, B Days/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 502  
Current Events Club Mr. Smith Fri/Monthly at 7:15 AM 204  
CVT (Casual Volleyball Team) Ms. Strickland Tues, Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM Grant Park  
Dryland Club Mr. Borge Tues, Wed, Thur/Weekly at 6:30 AM Weight Room Google Classroom code: j0989e2
Dungeons & Dragons Club Ms. Makol Zamudio Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5028  
Economics Club  Mr. Borge  Tues, B Days/Weekly at 3:30 PM, Ac Lab 204  
Election club Ms. Tae Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4022 jones_electionclub Instagram page
Engineering and Architecture Club Mr. Hashimoto Mon, Tues/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 4009  
Entrepreneurship Club Mr. Vallecillo Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4032  
Fashion Club Ms. Tae Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4022  
Fashion Club Mr.Feeley Wed/Weekly at 7:15 AM 3030B  
Finance Club Mr. Maggid B Days/Monthly at Ac Lab 207  
French Club Madame Callan Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 402  
From Printers Row Mr. Bastyr Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5032  
Girl Up Jones Mr. Kolody Mon/Bi-Weekly at 7:15 AM 306 instagram: girlupjcp
Green Team Mr. Hancock Mon/Whole club meetings every month, recycling every day. at 3:30 PM 5009  
Harry Potter Club Ms. Martinsek  Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4005  
JCP Folklórico Dance Ensemble Ms. Guerrero Tues, Wed, Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4th Floor Hallway  
JCP Robotics Team Mr. Clayton Mon, Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4009 Instagram: @jcprobotics
Jewish Student Connection Mrs. Verhey Mon/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM, Ac Lab 501 Instagram: jcc.chicagoteens
Jones College Prep Republicans Mr. Maggid Wed, Fri/Weekly, Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 207 Instagram: jones_college_prep_republicans 
Jones Computer Science Honor Society Ms. Lilagan B Days/Bi-Weekly at Ac Lab 3011  
Jones Debate Team Ms. Miller Mon, Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4030  
Jones Esports Mr. Eck Tues/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 5004  
Jones Makerspace Ms. Lilagan Tues/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 3030A  
Jones Sailing Club-Racing Ms.lilagan Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri/Weekly at 4:00 PM Columbia Yacht Club Instagram: jcp_sailing
Jones Squash Club Mr. Quach Thur/Weekly at 4:00 PM LakeShore Sport
Fitness at 211 N Stetson ave
Instagram @JCPSquash
JonesPride Mr. Coleman Mon/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM Counselor's Corner @jonesprideofficial on instagram
Kapatiran Ms. Timkang Fri/Bi-Weekly, Fri A Days at 3:30 PM 308  
Key Club Ms. Stimac Wed/Monthly at 7:15 AM North Auditorium Instagram
Knitting Club Mr. Feeley Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 3030B  
Korean Club Ms. Tae B Days/Weekly at Ac Lab 4022  
La Voz de la Juventud (zine) Ms. Guerrero Thur/ at 3:30 PM 4038  
Mariachi Aguilas de Tenochtitlan Mr. Jimenez-Rivera Fri, B Days/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM, Ac Lab 3004  
Math Team Mr. Eck Wed, Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5004 Insta: jcpmathteam
Medical Club Ms. Reichert Mon/Weekly at 3:30 PM, 3:45 PM 5009 @jcp_medical_club
Mindful Waves Mrs. Jimenez Fri/Monthly at 7:15 AM 304 Not at the moment 
Minority Leaders of Impact Mr. Dominguez  Mon, Wed/ at 3:30 PM 4037  
Model United Nations Ms. Bingham  Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 204 instagram: jcpmun 
Music Club Mr. Maggid Mon/Weekly at 3:30 PM 207  
National Honors Society  Ms. McClory A Days, B Days/Monthly at 7:15 AM, 3:30 PM North Auditorium  
Natural Hair Social Club Ms. Martin Thur/Monthly at 3:30 PM 503  
North American Climate and Junior Leadership Club Mr. Vallecillo Thur/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 4th Floor Hallway  
Podcast Club Ms. Roth B Days/Weekly at Ac Lab 5028  
Poetry Club Mr. Gunnink Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM 5038  
Polish Club Mr. Michniowski Thur/Monthly at 3:30 PM 5001 Instagram: @jcp_polish_club
Recreational Sailing Club Mrs. Lilagan Thur/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 3011 @jcpsailing_club on Instagram
Rock Climbing/Bouldering Mr. Smith B Days/Monthly at Ac Lab North Cafeteria  
Save Our World Ms. Strickland  Wed/We plan on having a bi-weekly meeting in the classroom and then a monthly "service project/activity" at Grant Park at 3:30 PM 504  
Scholastic Bowl Ms. Park Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4001 Instagram: jcpscholasticbowl
Science Olympiad Mr. Podlipni Tues/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4009  
STEM Outreach Club Mr. Kolody B Days/Bi-Weekly, Meeting dates will likely be chosen before hand via email whenever convenient for the members. at 3:30 PM 306  
Student Government Association (SGA) Mr. Slater Thur/Weekly at 7:15 AM 3030 jcp.sga (instagram)
Student Squad Ms. Lilagin Mon, B Days/Monthly at Ac Lab 3030  
Student Voice Committee Mr. Smith Wed/Weekly at 3:30 PM 206  
Team Swole Mr. Dominguez Wed, Thur/Weekly at 3:30 PM North Building Weight Room   
The Jones Treble Tones
Previously "Women's Ac"
Ms. Colby Mon/Weekly at 3:30 PM Choir room  
Thrift Fashion Club (TFC) Ms. Harned  Tues/Bi-Weekly, Monthly at 3:30 PM 202  
TRI-M Music Honors Society Mrs. Basa B Days/Bi-Weekly, To be determined at Ac Lab North Auditorium @jcptrim (instagram)
UNICEF Club Ms. Cathcara Wed/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 4009 @unicefclubjcp on instagram
Webtoons Club Ms. Makol-Zamudio Mon/Weekly at 3:30 PM 4037  
Weiqi Club Mrs. Terry Thur, B Days/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 406  
Women's Empowerment Club  Ms. Harned Tues/Bi-Weekly at 3:30 PM 202 jcpwec
Yearbook Ms. Kahn Tues, B Days/Weekly at 3:30 PM, Ac Lab 204