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Freshmen Students

Welcome freshmen students and families! 
**Please see the Freshman School Closure Updates attachment below for information regarding how the Counseling Department will be working with your freshman student during the state mandated school closures related to COVID-19.**
The counseling department is excited to work with all first year students as they begin their transition to high school! We will work with students in a variety of ways over their four years at Jones. Counselors support students in three domains: academic, personal/social, and college and career. The three main ways that counselors support students in their freshman year are as follows: 
1) Freshman Seminar: All freshmen will participate in large group counseling lessons that cover topics such as Counseling 101, academic skill building, stress management, graduation requirements, and course selection. 
2) Freshman Conferences: Before the end of first quarter, all freshman students will have a one-on-one meeting with their counselor to get to know one another, ask questions, and learn how counselors can support. 
3) Eagle Leaders: The counseling department partners with the Eagle Leaders mentorship program to support first year students during their transition to high school. 
At the bottom of this page, you will find the following resources to support freshmen students and families:
  • 10 Things Every Freshman Parent Should Know About the Counseling Department
  • Freshman Program Calendar 
  • College Board Action Plan for 9th Grade
  • Counselor's Corner Directory 
We see ourselves as partners in helping freshman students succeed this year at Jones.  We welcome your feedback, concerns, comments, and suggestions.  Feel free to reach out!
P.S. Si necesita ayuda para entender esta carta en español, por favor envíeme su nombre y su número de teléfono por correo electrónico a y yo con mucho gusto le llamaré.