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Welcome to your sophomore year!  We are so excited for the opportunity to spend time with you as you start planning for your future!  Our goal is to provide you an introduction to what you need to do in high school to prepare for a successful school year and beyond; to expose you to various careers; and some life skills that you will use not only in high school, but throughout your future.


Program Description and Goals


The Sophomore Program will consist of three Seminars (large group meetings), 1:1 conference with your Counselor, and a Career Event in the Spring. The lessons and events will cover the following topics:


  • Complete an intake survey for your counselor to know more about you
  • Managing anxiety, academics, and navigating the school year
  • Course scheduling and transcript review
  • Career Exploration & Post-Secondary planning


The goals of this program are that:

  • Sophomores will understand the academic and extra-curricular steps necessary to have a successful high school experience.
  • Sophomores will understand the importance of mental, physical and emotional well-being.
  • Sophomores will develop positive relationships with their counselor.


Program Expectations, Policies, and Procedures


Students are expected to:

  1. Attend all in-class seminars 
  2. Attend all conferences with their counselor
  3. Check their email regularly for counseling related communication
  4. Respond to all meeting requests sent from the counselors
  5. Make sure you speak to your counselor about any missed lessons.


What else can students do on their own outside of seminars to have an enriching Sophomore year:


  1. Taking the PSAT for 10th grade in the Spring 2020.
  2. Attending College and Career fairs at JCP and outside events.
  3. Getting involved in extracurricular and volunteer opportunities.
  4. Attending college campus tours and enrichment programs.


Program Delivery


The first Sophomore Seminar of the year will be an in-school field-trip so that students can meet with their own Counselor. The other two Sophomore Seminars will be partnered with academic departments.

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