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Music Auditions

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Students can enroll in Beginning Band, Choir, or Orchestra with no prior experience; there is no audition to enroll in the beginning level ensemble classes. However, freshmen with prior experience in band, jazz band, or orchestra must audition to be placed in intermediate or advanced-level ensembles.
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Audition Prep
Auditions are meant only for students with prior experience. Any student may enroll in Beginning Band without an audition.
Concert Band Audition InstructionsConcert Band Audition Requirements
Jazz Band Audition InstructionsJazz Band Audition Requirements
Guitar Audition InstructionsGuitar Audition Requirements
Additional Questions?
Band - Sam Frosch at [email protected]
No audition is required to enroll in Honors Beginning Mixed Chorus. Because the choir curriculum relies upon understanding and application of the vocal techniques defined in the Estill Voice Method, all students who have not previously studied with Ms. Colby will be placed in Beginning Choir. Students with significant background in reading and singing music will have opportunities to support peers and take on leadership roles in class. After a year in Beginning Choir, students with significant prior experience will be considered for placement in Concert Choir (skipping Eagle Singers).
Additional Questions?
Choir - Kathryn Colby at [email protected]
This audition is for students who play violin, viola, cello, bass and are interested in joining at the Intermediate or Advanced level.  Students who want to play in the Beginning Orchestra do not need to audition.
Musicians will be asked to play three things:
  1. A short piece or excerpt of their choice (may be a solo or an orchestra piece)
  2. Scales
  3. Sight reading
If you have any questions, please contact Rhea Basa at [email protected]