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Need Help? Overview

JCP Report an Incident
This form allows you to report incidents you've encountered within the Jones community that has made you feel unsafe, targeted, or harassed. You may fill out this form multiple times if needed.

It's highly encouraged that you fill out the form under your name, but if you feel safer or more comfortable reporting an incident anonymously, you may. However, if you choose to remain anonymous, expect that any follow-up would be very difficult and most likely will not occur. Anonymous reports may instead be used as a way to get an experience of your chest and may be helpful in identifying overall trends that are problematic within the Jones community.
Health & Well-being
Mental health and well-being are important, especially for students. We will be expanding this section with resources for students and families that cover health, social/emotional well-being, and more for common issues students face.
Covid-19 Information
Get the latest information and resources regarding Covid-19.
Tech Support
This section is dedicated to helping students and parents navigate CPS systems and troubleshoot tech issues you may face.
Help Desk
If you have reviewed the Tech Support section and are still having issues please complete a Help Desk ticket. Find some of the most commonly asked questions here. Please do not use this form for attendance.