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Health & Well-being

If you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide, has experienced trauma, or wants to talk with someone about overwhelming thoughts and feelings, we encourage you to talk with a trusted adult or call 773-553-KIDS (5437). Remember, help is available and you are not alone.
Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Call 9-8-8
National Youth Crisis Hotline
(800) 448-3000
Text "HOME" to 741741
Text with a trained crisis counselor


Reporting Positive Test Results:  If a student is feeling ill with Covid-like symptoms, the student should be tested immediately.  If the results are positive, parents should submit the Covid self-report form, keep the student home, and report the absence to the school.  
Contact Tracing and Quarantine:  Once a positive test result is received by CPS, the contact tracing team will begin determining whether the positive test is "actionable," meaning that others may have been exposed at school.
  • Close Contacts:  If CPS in conjunction with the school determines that there were "close contacts," parents are emailed directly to quarantine the affected students. Quarantined students will be entered in Aspen as "no admittance." All parents will receive a letter confirming that there was a case of Covid at school, but only those identified directly as close contacts need to take any action.
  • Proof of Covid Vaccination:  If a close contact student has already been fully vaccinated and has no Covid-like symptoms, parents should scan and return to CPS a copy of the student's vaccination card: [email protected]. Please send a copy to the school, as well:  [email protected].   Please note that the school cannot remove a student from the "no admittance" list, only CPS can do that.  Once the student has been cleared by CPS, they may return to school. A student who has not been vaccinated but has tested negative for Covid must still complete the quarantine period. 
  • School Work During Quarantine:  Any student who is required to quarantine will receive information from each classroom teacher on how to access remote learning via Google Classroom/Google Meet within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) of receiving notification from CPS. Students will receive both synchronous and asynchronous instruction from their teachers during quarantine.
  • Attendance During Quarantine: Students will be marked "Virtually Present" for each class period they attend daily.  Parents must report absences to the Jones Attendance Office [email protected] only if the student will not be attending virtually that day.
  • Non-Quarantine Absences:  Students who are fully vaccinated and absent for a short time while waiting to be cleared to return to school should contact their teachers for their school work. These and other short absences are not eligible to shift to remote learning.