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If you are having trouble signing up or accessing ASPEN please visit the Help Desk. We will process your request ASAP.
Additional Resources
(For new CPS students only)
If you have not set up your child’s CPS Account please go to and follow the prompts to set up their account. You will need to enter your child’s student ID number as their claim code. If you need additional support please visit the Help Desk.
CPS Account Log
In IssuesIf you are having issues logging in please fill out this form Forgot Password? Please visit and click on “Forgot Password” If you forgot the answers to your challenge questions please complete a ticket request on the Help Desk.
How to Log Into Your CPS Account
Password Reset Guide

Please follow the instructions found here if you continue to have issues please fill out a Help Desk request.

Devices are available for all students who need one. Contact Ms. Troesch or Mrs. Rayburn in the Main Office for assistance.
More than 100,000 students are eligible for free internet with Chicago Connected. For more information and to check eligibility please click here. Families who are not eligible for Chicago Connected can explore low-cost internet options by clicking here.
Most issues with joining your teachers’ Google Meets come from third-party extensions or being logged into multiple Gmail accounts at once. If you are having issues connecting to your teacher's Google Meet please try the steps below issues with extensions can be resolved by pasting chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings into your Chrome browser and resetting your profile. This will remove all third-party extensions. Additionally, please make sure to follow these steps to ensure you are accessing Google Meets correctly
  1. Fix your Chrome profile and only have CPS synced. No personal accounts anywhere in that profile.
  2. Sign in to the rapid ID portal, and click on the Classroom icon, OR sign in at
  3. Click the Meet link in Classroom the student needs to join.
  4. If the teacher has started the session you will be in. If not, they haven’t started the session, yet.
  5. Also, make sure you are actually in Chrome! Meet struggles with other browsers here.
If you have tried these steps and are still unable to log in you may contact the techco using the Help Desk request form. Please make sure to try the instructions above before contacting us.