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Full In-Person Attendance Expectations
Teachers take attendance each day, students are expected to attend class daily for each period. AcLab is a part of your student's daily attendance, if your student leaves during AcLab their attendance could be counted as a ½ day.   Our district has also developed a handbook for parents and students about the importance of attending school: CPS Attendance Overview.  Students must follow the CPS attendance expectations to be counted as present for each class.
Reporting a Student Absence
Letters/Notes Only
Whenever a student is absent a letter/note signed by a parent /guardian explaining the reason for the student's absence will be needed when the student returns to school with the information below:
  1. Absent student’s first and last name
  2. Student ID #
  3. Date of the student's absence 
  4. Reason for student absences
  5. Signature and phone number of parent/guardian writing the note.  [ Official Absence Note 
Voice Message
If you leave a voicemail reporting your students’ absence (773) 534-8600 Opt 3, the following information is needed to be communicated clearly through voicemail:
  1. Date of the absence
  2. Student ID #
  3. The absent student’s first and last name
  4. The reason for the absence
  5. The name of the caller, and the caller’s relationship to the student.
EXCUSED ABSENCES are absences that are justified as they meet the state allowance for valid reasons for absence.
  1. Student illness
  2. Observance of a religious holiday
  3. Death in the immediate family
  4. Family Emergency
  5. Circumstances that cause reasonable concern for your child's safety or health
         Example: below zero extreme weather.
  1. Other situations beyond the control of the student 
Example: if a student is going to a mandatory scholarship interview that has been scheduled during school hours. The principal can decide that--with evidence--this can be considered excused.
UNEXCUSED ABSENCES are absences that do not meet the state criteria for valid reasons for absence. 
  1. No reason provided
  2. General concerns about Covid would be considered as an unexcused absence because ISBE has mandated a return to school in person.
Early Dismissal
An online form is replacing the early dismissal process. Parents can now complete the form from their phone or computer the day of the early dismissal and will receive an email confirmation of the request. Once the form is completed, students can sign out of school in the main office with Mrs. Brown. Keep in mind the form must be completed the day of the early dismissal and will not be accepted for future dates.

The school will only call for parent verification when there's a discrepancy in the form or if the parent does not have access to the internet.
As a general reminder, AcLab IS considered a class and attendance does count.

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