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Work Permits

In compliance with the Illinois Child Labor Law (820 ILCS 205/1 et seq.) that regulates the employment of minors under the age of 16 years and requires all minors to have employment certificates.
Required Procedures For Teens
  1. “Letter of intent to hire” must be obtained from all prospective employers. The letter must outline the hours worked.
  2. Teen and/or parent/guardian must bring this letter to an issuing officer at the minor’s school or school district to obtain the required work permit.
    1. Social Security Card
    2. Birth Certificate
  3. The issuing officer will review the criteria and verify safety before issuing the work permit.
Required Procedures For Employers
  1. Employers are prohibited from hiring teens under 16 years of age who fail to present an approved work permit.
  2. Employers who employ teens without having a work permit on the premises are subject to fines by the Department.
Hour Restrictions
  1. When school is in session, children 14 and 15 years of age may work:
    • Up to 3 hours per day;
    • Up to 24 hours per week; and
    • The combined hours of school and work may not exceed 8 hours per day.
  2. When school is NOT in session (including summer vacations, holidays and weekends), children under the age of 16 may NOT work:
    • More than 8 hours per day;
    • More than 6 days per week; nor
    • More than 48 hours per week.
  3. Allowed hours of work are 7am to 7pm except between June 1st and Labor Day, when working hours may be extended to 9pm.
  4. A scheduled meal period of at least 30 minutes shall be provided no later than the 5th consecutive hour of work.
Employers of minors shall post a schedule stating the hours of work and time of the lunch period. The employer shall also furnish any minor with a statement describing the specific nature of the work to be performed and the hours and days the minor is to work. The minor must present this statement to the issuing officer at the minor’s school (or the school district if the child has not yet been enrolled in school) along with a copy of the minor’s birth certificate. The minor must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
When both the Illinois Child Labor Law and Fair Labor Standards Act provisions cover the establishment, the stricter of the two laws will prevail.
For exemptions and additional information visit: 
Obtaining Work Permit
Work permits can only be issued to minors who are currently enrolled at the Jones College Prep. Students attending other schools must obtain a permit from that school. 
Primary issuing officer - The main contact for issuing work permits.
Secondary issuing officer - During summer break or a backup to the primary officer.
NOTE: Processing may take a few days to complete.