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Low Incidence Programs

The Low Incidence program at Jones College Prep focuses on providing our students with functional skills that will help them become independent adults.  To accomplish this goal we employ traditional classroom situations, inclusion into the General education classes and community-based instruction.  Through the use of these techniques we are able to provide our students with a meaningful individualized education that will help them seamlessly transition into life after high school.

All students in our Low Incidence program receive some instruction within a traditional self-contained classroom.  This time is used to work with students in facilitating the acquisition of academic and functional skills.  While in this setting students typically work individually or in small groups on specific activities that relate directly to their Individualized Education Program goals.  Instruction in self contained settings is carried out when individual instructional goals deviate from specific General education curricula.

Inclusion placements are encouraged for all students within the Low Incidence program.  Inclusive education means that the student is going into the General education classroom for a portion of the day.  While in inclusion, Low Incidence students are working on individualized skills that relate to the content of the respective General education class.  Supports are always in place for Low Incidence program students while in the General education setting; these supports range from direct support from a classroom assistant to modified work expectations to regular consultation between the IES teacher and General education teacher.  As students progress through their time at Jones College Prep it is our goal to see them included for larger portions of their day.

Community-based instruction is a valuable and integral part of the educational process, and allows the IES department to teach functional skills in their natural environment.  Jones College Prep has an ideal location for this type of instruction; we are within walking distance of all CTA el lines, multiple bus routes, stores, museums and a large variety of other cultural and commercial attractions.  It is our belief that by taking our students outside of the traditional school walls and using the community as a classroom we are best serving our students.  Community-based instruction does not equate to a “field trip” while participating in community-based instruction students are working in small groups and addressing specific IEP goals.

Additionally, the IES department has partnerships with a variety of organizations within the downtown area.  We have been able to work with such organizations as Gallery 37, the University Center, Marriott Bridges, and local elementary schools.  These partnerships allow our students to receive valuable occupational or recreational training in the local community.  The IES department is continually working to expand and grow our list of partner organizations in order to provide a greater array of services to our students.