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Philosophy of the Diverse Learners Department
Our philosophy is to provide students with special abilitDiverse Learners the opportunitDiverse Learners and tools to live successful adult lives. We are fully committed to teaching our students to advocate on their own behalf and to be as autonomous as each individual student is capable. Our program services a wide spectrum of student needs.
The Low Incidence program focuses on each individual student’s needs in the traditional academic areas as well as in social skills learning, community-based education, personal care, and life skills.
The Resource program provides personalized academic support in a small group, resource setting, depending on individual need.  Diverse Learners and Gen Ed teachers collaborate in order to modify classroom curriculum based on each student's unique needs.
Why we call ourselves Diverse Learners
We chose to name our department Diverse Learners instead of Special Ed because we believe that Diverse Learners better represents the type of services we provide.  We hope to help break the stigma associated with the term "Special Ed" and seek to avoid labeling our students in a way that limits them.  We believe that students with IEPs should receive services in integrated educational environments.
Diverse Learners Service Providers:
High Incidence
Jason Mui
Corrie Roof 
Jeanette Dipman
Melynda Kroeger