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Fee Schedule

For a list of LSC-approved student fees, please review our 2023-2024 Fee Schedule  English | 中国人 | Espanol ].  Fees are assessed based on grades and student schedules.  Some fees, such as Sports Teams Fees and AP Exam Fees, are assessed throughout the year.
Applying to have fees waived/reduced? Do not submit payment until the FIIF (Family Income Information Form) is processed. Please wait for the results from the FIIF before submitting payment.  We cannot refund payments if you qualify for the waiver after fees have been paid.
Note: some fees do not qualify to be reduced or waived.
Fee Notice
A paper copy of the student's account statement is typically sent home a few times a year.
  • QuickStart (Beginning of the year)
  • Fall Report Card
  • Senior Fees (Generally in February)
  • Spring Report Card
  • End of year
Use the Parent Portal to easily and conveniently check your student's account.