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2021-2022 QuickStart Registration

All students (grades 9-12) are required to complete QuickStart each year, including freshmen or transfer students that have submitted information previously. By completing the registration you enable the school to have accurate records that are needed throughout the year to support our students. The QuickStart form should only be completed by parents with current students or those that have been accepted to Jones.
Icon Step 1 Gather Items
Step 1: Gather Information
Take a moment to collect the following information:
  • Student's CPS email login (you will not be able to access the form without it)
  • Two current proofs of address (digital format). See a full list of acceptable proofs.
  • Student's ID#
Icon Step 2 Upload Info
Step 2: QuickStart
  • Student's CPS login needed to sign in (you will not be able to access the form without it)
  • Two current proofs of address must be uploaded
  • Family Income Information Form (FIIF) - Manually complete the forms that are emailed to you. Print them and bring them to in-person QuickStart
  • Seniors will enter their cap and gown information
  • A form must be completed for each of your students enrolled at Jones
  1. Access the online registration form by clicking Quick Form
  2. Complete and submit the online registration form.
  3. Families will receive a PDF attachment (available in English and Spanish) of each form in their email.
  4. Review the forms carefully.
  5. Print, sign, and date each form.
  6. Bring the printed and signed forms to in-person QuickStart or to the school prior to the first day.
       Quick Form
Please note that any forms emailed to Jones staff members will not be accepted as they may not be processed correctly. (forms are not considered complete until they are submitted after signing them.)
Icon Step 3 Transaction Step 3: Schedule & Student Fees *Fees are assessed based on grade and student schedules.  Some fees such as Sports Team Fees and AP Exam Fees are assessed throughout the year.
Icon Distribution Date
Step 4: QuickStart In-Person
Dates and times are suggested to help break up large crowds. If you need to come another day, please feel free to come on that date/time.
After completing the online portion families will receive an email with important documents. Please print out the attached document, sign where highlighted, manually complete the FIIF, and return to Jones during QuickStart on August 18 or 19. Forms must be received prior to the start of school.
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Last names A-L)
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Last names M-Z)
  • Students will take their yearbook photo at QuickStart
  • Fees can be paid at Quickstart or in advance through Parent Aspen Portal
    *If applying for the fee waiver, please wait to pay fees until results are in
  • If unable to attend Quickstart, please return forms to the school by August 30
**Face masks and social distancing guidelines will be followed.
Image QuickStart Locker
Step 5: Choose Locker
UPDATE: Due to the limitations of Google Forms and the volume of requests, students will NOT be able to choose a specific locker as previously stated. However, students may choose the building, floor, and general area of their locker. A sheet with the locker assignment and combination will be distributed to students by their AcLab teacher the first two days of school if the requests are submitted by 8/25/21.
  • Locker and location are available on a first-come basis.
  • Do not share a locker.
  • Do not share your combination.
  • Students must use a school-issued lock (not a gym lock).
  • Students must adhere to their chosen locker assignment.
  • Students that do not select a locker location will not be assigned a locker.
Room Locator
  1. Review your class schedule on Student Portal
  2. Indicate whether you DO or DO NOT need a locker.
  3. Select the Building
  4. Select the Floor/Area
  5. Submit
Locker location is not guaranteed but we'll do our best to accommodate your request.
Locks will be on the lockers at the start of school. Students that choose a locker will receive their combination and locker assignment on a printed sheet of paper from their AcLab teacher.
*CPS student login required to access the form.


  Help Desk
If you can't find the answer, then submit a support ticket (quickest) or call the Main Office (773) 534-8602.