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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. Click the arrow next to the subjet to expand/collapse each section. Do you have additional questions? Give us a call or email using the Contact page.
How many students attend Jones?
    • There are currently 1959 students attending Jones.
Where is Jones located in the city?
    • 700 South State Street
My family is moving to the Chicago Loop and would like to attend Jones.
  • Jones is a selective enrollment, not a neighborhood school, so students come from across the city. Living near the school does not guarantee acceptance, and students still must apply through
How big is the campus?
    • The Jones campus occupies two high-rise buildings, the South Campus and the North Campus, located on South State Street between Harrison and Polk.
What transportation do most students take to school? 
    • Most Jones students take public transportation to school.
    • Near Red line (at Harrison), Blue line (LaSalle), Orange line (at Roosevelt), Bus (22, 24, 29, 62,146, 148, 151, and many others), Metra (LaSalle Street, Van Buren, Museum Campus/11th)
Is there an off-campus for students?
    • Off-campus lunch privilege is available to juniors, and seniors.
What are the school hours?
    • Jones follows a block bell schedule, which is divided into A, B, or C days.
    • School is in session 8:00am-3:15pm
    • On B-Day Fridays, students are released from school at 2:15 pm
Does Jones offer shadow days?
    • No, we only offer one Open House.
What does the schedule look like for students?
    • Jones has a rotating block schedule (A/B) with 90-minute classes, 10 minutes passing periods and a 45-minute lunch period.
    • There are four periods each day: A Days (periods 1-4) and B Days (periods 5-8).  Period 8 on B Days is Academic Lab.
    • See the Bell Schedule for a better visual.
What is AcLab? 
    • Academic Lab (AcLab for short) is a twice a week 90 minute period during which students can meet with their teachers during their office hours, visit the library, computer labs, and counselors, and study individually or in groups.
How many world languages are offered at Jones?
    • We offer three world languages: Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese.
Does Jones have a Fine and Performing Arts Program?
    • Jones offers a wide array of Visual Arts and Performing Arts.
    • Visual arts include courses in painting and drawing, ceramics, 3-d art, and digital media.
    • Performing arts includes multiple levels of band, orchestra, and drama.
Does Jones offer dual credit?
    • Jones has a dual credit partnership with Loyola University.
    • The Jones-Loyola offers a variety of courses in different departments, all taught by Jones staff.
How many AP courses are offered at Jones?
    • 24 AP courses in English, math, science, social studies, world languages, art, and computer science.
AP Capstone   History & Social Sciences   STEM   World Languages & Cultures
AP Seminar   AP European History   AP Biology   AP Chinese Language
AP Research   AP Human Geography   AP Calculus AB   AP French Language
    AP Psychology   AP Calculus BC   AP Spanish Language
Arts   AP Macroeconomics   AP Chemistry    AP Spanish Literature
AP Studio Art   AP United States Government   AP Computer Science A    
    AP United States History   AP Computer Science Principles    
English       AP Environmental Science    
AP English Language       AP Physics C: Mechanics    
AP English Literature        AP Statistics     
How do I apply for Jones?
    • Jones is a selective enrollment high school. Students should apply through the application process.
How do I find out what Tier I live in?
What are the graduation requirements for Jones? 
  CPS General
Graduation Requirements
Graduation Recommendations
English  4 years 4 years
Math  3 years 4 years
Science 3 years 4 years
Social Science  3 years 4 years
Physical Education** 4 years 4 years
World Language  2 years 4 years
Fine Arts 2 years 2 years
Computer Science 1 year 1 year
Elective 2 years 1 year
Total 24 credits 28 credits
  • CPS Administered SAT Test
  • Two Service Learning Projects
** Per IL law, all CPS students must participate in 4 years of a physical education
+ Students currently enrolled in a CTE program (Pre-Law or Pre-Engineering) must enroll in the next course in their CTE sequence.

What kind of support is there for students?
The Jones Multi‐Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) provides a framework for delivering high‐quality, differentiated instruction and targeted support for all students’ academic, social and emotional, and health/wellness needs in all school and classroom settings. The framework involves targeted instruction and interventions for those students who require additional, explicit, and more focused interventions to meet the academic and Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) standards. MTSS is grounded in providing increased instructional time and intensity for academic and/or SEL support that is revealed by students’ needs. The specific needs of all learners are identified and supported early and effectively.  The overall goal of MTSS is to ensure that every student in the school can be successful and progress.
How many students are accepted into the CTE program per year?
Through we accept a total of 75 CTE students 37/38 for the Law Program and 37/38 for the Engineering program.  We also have options for students who are accepted through the selective enrollment process to opt into the CTE program (limited seats and lottery-based).
Are the Pre-Engineering and Pre-Law programs separate from the selective enrollment program or are the programs integrated within the school?
Students can get accepted through the CTE program, Selective Enrollment, or both. Students in the CTE programs have one additional class, so where other students may have two electives, Pre-Engineering students only have 1 (the other elective is substituted with the engineering course).
If a student determines the program is not for them, what are their options in continuing their education at the school?
If a student is selected through the CTE program, they must remain in the CTE program.