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Parent Reps

The Sports Booster Club is always looking for more volunteers.  Specifically, we would like to have a parent rep for each sports team.  Below are examples of how parent reps have helped out in the past.  As a parent rep, you can do as few or as many as you feel comfortable doing.
  • Provide team updates to Friends of Jones for communication.
  • Photos - provide pictures of sporting events for posting to the team's MaxPreps site. (your photo might make it into the year book too!)  Please note, photos aren't just of your athlete.
  • Stats - assist coaches with taking stats, gathering them, and/or entering them on the team's MaxPreps site.  (MaxPreps provides a player career page so they can track progress over the seasons.)
  • Help coordinate drinks/snacks at sporting events.
  • Fundraising - help solicit sponsors or coordinate fund raising events.
Please contact Steve VanZale (312-493-2147 / if you would like to be a parent rep for a sports team or help out in some way with a sports team.