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Welcome to the dynamic Science Department at Jones College Prep! Our staff is committed to creating the optimal conditions for students to observe and learn from inference. Through hands-on experiments, labs, and a variety of open-ended activities, our students continually build upon their knowledge to construct their own understanding of observed phenomena in our world. Students begin their journey in Honors Physics, where they study the basics of mechanics, circuits, waves, and energy. In Honors Chemistry, students explore the nature of matter and how it undergoes change. In their third year, students learn about the characteristics of living matter from the molecular to the global level in Honors Biology.
Our department fosters curiosity in the sciences beyond the three core courses through a variety of AP and Honors electives as well as extracurricular activities including Astronomy Club, Science Olympiad, Green Team, Aquarium Club, Science Club, Neuroscience Club, Medical Club, and Garden Club. Each year, our department awards an outstanding graduating senior who has shown strong dedication to and growth in the sciences.
Our hope is that students' growing curiosity about our natural world and the scientific practices they have acquired will lead them to research and engineer a better tomorrow.