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The Jones math department is unique in ways that go beyond the traditional means of teaching the subject at most schools. We are one of only two high schools in Chicago that follow the rigorous Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) curriculum, and our diverse group of educators are approachable and friendly. We challenge students to ask the question that every math teacher dreads: “Why do I need to learn math?”
At Jones, we believe that problem solving, followed by a well-reasoned presentation of results, is central to the process of learning mathematics and that this learning happens most effectively in a cooperative, student-centered classroom. The goal of the Mathematics Department is that all of our students will be able to use the mathematics that they are studying; they can read it, write it, explore it, and communicate it with confidence.

To implement this educational philosophy, the Mathematics Department has adopted the Interactive Math Program as its core curriculum. Research indicates that mathematics should be learned in the context of meaningful and interesting problems. Each unit is organized around a central problem or theme, which requires considerable mathematics to solve. This curriculum takes the place of a traditional sequence of courses (Algebra I & II, Geometry, and Pre-Calc) for integrated courses called Math I-IV.

Beyond the basic requirements, Jones offers:

AP Calculus (AB and BC)
AP Statistics
Operations Research
Financial Algebra
Art in Math
*See course description for more details.