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Exploring Computer Science is an introductory computing course that starts with the premise that anyone can learn computer science. No previous knowledge of computers or programming is required. Students will explore a wide range of basic computing concepts including: parts of a computer and how humans interact with computers, methods of problem solving, web page design and styling, programming, data analysis, and robotics. This introductory course will provide students with a strong foundation in computing skills that will help them in future CS courses.

The three themes of inquiry, equity, and computer science content are foundational to the course. Through curiosity and inquiry students will explore ethical and social issues related to computing, including the positive and negative impacts on human culture. With an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and communication, Exploring Computer Science is designed to meet the needs of all learners while fostering a culture of equity and promoting further access to quality computer science education. [ECS Partnership:​​​​​​​]