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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to be a resident of Chicago to apply for a transfer to Jones College Prep?
You do not need to be a resident of Chicago at the time of your application. However, at the time of enrollment, you MUST provide two (2) proofs of residency showing that you are living in the city of Chicago, as well as proof of age for your child.

2) When will we know the results of the application?
Students will be notified via email regarding their admission status by June. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address in order to receive this information.

3) Will applications be accepted after the deadline?
No, the transfer application must be initiated by TBD
IMPORTANT: If we do not have all the required parts of the application by the deadline, your application will be incomplete and not be considered for admission. 

4) What should I do if my school will not provide recommendations?
You must provide a letter from a school administrator or counselor that states that the school does not provide recommendations or letters of recommendation for students.

5) What if I am applying for a transfer from outside of the United States?
If you are applying for transfer from another country, you must first have your transcript evaluated by the Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Foreign Student Services. We will need an evaluated transcript before completing the review of your application. Reference:
Contact: Beata Arceo
Foreign & Exchange Student Manager
(773) 553-1936
6) What are the requirements to apply for transfer to Jones College Prep?
  • 3.0 unweighted GPA and demonstrated success in a rigorous curriculum
  • Very good attendance
  • No suspensions or major disciplinary infractions
  • Be in good standing at your current school
  • Exemplifies the Jones College Prep mission statement and Grad-at-Grad values

7) If I am not accepted for admission, is there an appeal process or waitlist?
If you are not accepted as a transfer student to Jones, there is no appeal process. Occasionally, spaces may become available towards the end of the summer; you will be contacted if this happens. However, there is no waitlist. If you are interested in applying the following year, you must submit a new application.

8) Can I tour the school or shadow a student?
We do not offer tours or shadow days for interested students. We invite you to attend one of our many public events, such as athletics, choir concerts, and drama performances. Information regarding upcoming events can be located on our calendar.

9) Will I be notified regarding my application status?
All applicants will be notified via email if they were accepted or declined admission by late May/early June. We do not update students on their application status prior to this.

10) What happens once I submit my application?
Refer to the first page of the application for a detailed look at the entire application process. See the Transfer Application Visual Process.
11) Do all selective enrollment high schools have the same transfer application process?
All selective enrollment high schools do not have the same application process. Students must contact schools directly for specific information regarding their process.
12) Do I have to take a test to transfer to Jones?
No. There are no additional tests required for applying for transfer to Jones. However, we do ask for test scores from the school that you currently attend. 
13) Will turning in my application early improve my chances of being accepted?
No. All complete applications that are turned in before the deadline are reviewed. Admission decisions are made after the application deadline has passed. Admissions are not rolling, and turning in an application early does not increase the chances of acceptance.
Questions regarding the transfer process contact: [email protected]