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Town Hall Series - School Safety

This Wednesday we are utilizing our town hall slot for June to have an important discussion about school safety at Jones. We have a committee composed of all stakeholders and we are in the middle of creating a whole school safety plan. Once this plan is developed, the whole safety committee will present its recommendations to the local school council. A portion of what the committee has to do is make an informed decision on the SRO program. They will decide to either retain both SRO's, 1 SRO or no SRO's. They will also make recommendations for our whole school safety plan. The district wants a decision on the SRO's and they want an approved safety plan. If we choose to keep 1 SRO or no SRO's that funding can be budgeted to support programming or positions needed to implement our whole school safety plan. To make these decisions we need your input. If you are available please come join us virtually from 6-7pm this Wednesday June 2nd. There you will hear more about our plan, and what the data is suggesting we recommend. We will be presenting recommendations to the LSC sometime in early June. We have a brief survey for you to complete that address physical safety school safety survey--parent. This will help with determining the SRO program. Thank you for your time and your input.