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Nominate a Peer Conference Leader

The Jones Administration has enlisted the services of Alternatives, Inc. - an agency that supports and empowers Chicago youth to build safer and more vibrant communities. Starting in January a representative of Alternatives will train approximately 15 sophomores and juniors (supported by Mr. Heselton and Mr. Feeley) to become Peer Conference Leaders who will introduce student-led restorative justice practices to the Jones community. The RJ Foundations of Peer Conference Program includes building relationships and community, facilitating conversations with students to repair and prevent harm, creating agreements, facilitating talking circles, and other foundational restorative practices.

Students selected for this program will participate in ten weekly 1 ½ hour sessions in the winter and early spring starting on January 13. Most of this work will take place on Eagle Days, and some meetings may take place during ac lab periods. 

Ideal candidates are compassionate, empathetic, community-minded students who are trusted and admired by their peers. We are eager to enroll peer conference student leaders with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Both students and teachers are encouraged to suggest great student candidates for this program. Students can use the same form to self-nominate. Click HERE.
Nominations and self-nominations are due on Thursday, December 31.