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Underclassmen End-of-year Check-out

End-of-year Check-out

We will be conducting the end-of-year check-out (grades 9, 10, 11) between Wednesday, June 17 - Friday, June 19, with make-up days Monday, June 22, and Tuesday, June 23. We have established times for students to come drop off textbooks and other school property and pick up their personal belongings. All lockers have been cleared out and their belongings are bagged up based on locker assignments. See the schedule link below to find your date and suggested time.

Safety Precautions
Due to the pandemic, all students will be required to wear a face mask before they are allowed in the lobby of the school.  Students will line-up 6 ft. apart while they wait their turn to complete their check-out.  Students will be closely monitored to ensure they adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Students will not be permitted in any part of the school except the south lobby.

Check-Out Process
During your assigned date/time you will enter the building through the main entrance.  Students will follow the steps below:
  1. Turn in any school books (textbooks and library books) and property – Student should bring with them any school books or property. All returned materials need to be scanned in or properly documented. Note: The student's accounts may incur a charge for unreturned assigned items.
  2. Obtain lock and locker possessions – the locker assigned to your student has been cleared out and marked with their name to be picked up at this time. Students with possessions in a locker not assigned to them will need to arrange to retrieve their possessions from the person that locker was assigned to once underclassmen regain locker access. Students with materials in locker rooms will be escorted to retrieve those materials. 
  3. Instrument/Uniforms/Medications—If a student plays an instrument they need to email their music teacher to coordinate the availability of picking up the instrument on their assigned date and time. Students picking up medications should let an adult know and they will retrieve the medication from the nurse’s station.
Check-Out Schedule
Due to current safety precautions, it is mandatory that you arrive to complete your check-out process ONLY during the hour and date assigned to you.  Click below to find the date and time you are expected at Jones to complete your check-out.
Image Underclassmen Check-out button - click for schedule