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Temporary Math Teacher

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Temporary Math Teacher
Jones College Prep
Jones College Prep is looking for a full time math teacher position. This person will be responsible for 5 classes of high school math in a highly collaborative department and course team. Jones College Preparatory High School is a selective enrollment public high school located in downtown Chicago with a high-achieving, diverse student body. The mission of Jones is to help students develop themselves as leaders through a rigorous college prep program that focuses on educating the whole person. Staff at Jones work to help all students realize the joy of learning and facilitate their intellectual, emotional, civic, and social development. In addition to the portfolio of challenging academic courses, including our Pre-Law and Pre-Engineering programs, Jones students participate in an array of student-driven clubs, extracurricular activities, and a host of competitive sports programs.

In math classes at Jones you will find students embracing the rigors of an honors and advanced placement curriculum while working collaboratively with their peers and teachers on solving real-world problems. Candidates should have an enthusiasm for math and working with high school students, as well as a willingness to learn and develop professionally. Interested candidates should be highly collaborative and open to new teaching styles and ideas; they should also offer strengths and perspectives that will enhance the department. Previous teaching experience is preferred.

The most desirable candidates will have the following characteristics:

- A strong background in mathematics and enthusiasm for the content

- Enthusiasm for working with high school students

- A desire to work productively and collaboratively within a team of teachers

- Experience with collaborative learning and a desire to grow as an educator

- Effective communication with parents and community members through a partnership in the students’ education experiences

- Use of multiple communication/teaching styles and methods

- Willingness to experiment with different teaching strategies

- Demand for high standards of student performance

- Ability to create a classroom culture of respect and rigor for a diverse student population

Previous teaching experience is preferred.

Description - External

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CLASS: Under the supervision of the school principal, responsible for the instruction, progress, and discipline of all pupils in assigned classes, and performs related duties as required.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Responsible for instructional planning, including, but not limited to, providing written lesson plans and preparation in accordance with the objectives of the instructional program, establishing positive learning expectation standards for all pupils, and evaluating pupils' progress and maintaining current and accurate records of pupils' achievements; implements instructional methods, including, but not limited to, applying contemporary principles of learning theory and teaching methodology, drawing from the range of instructional materials available in the school, participating in the development and implementation of new teaching techniques, and providing bulletin board and interest areas reflective of pupils' current work; exhibits and applies knowledge of the curriculum content related to subject areas and instructional level; participates in programs to improve student attendance; promotes anti-vandalism programs in the schools; establishes and maintains reasonable rules of conduct within the classroom and on school grounds, including, but not limited to, playgrounds, corridors, and lunchrooms, consistent with the provisions of the Chicago Public Schools' Uniform Discipline Code; maintains accurate attendance records and seating charts; encourages student growth in self-discipline and positive self-concept; ensures fairness in teacher-pupil relationships and exhibits an understanding and respect for students; initiates appropriate conferences with parents, guardians, administrators, and/or ancillary personnel, in accordance with school procedures; communicates with parents or guardians and counsels pupils on the pupil's academic progress, attendance, and conduct; participates in in-service meetings and professional staff meetings and uses pertinent information and materials provided; may coordinate and attend class field trips; may work in extra-curricular and after-school activities; utilizes appropriate resources available in the community.


Education and Experience. Successful completion of all student teaching requirements as well as all course work required to obtain the appropriate teaching certificate(s) issued by the Illinois State Board of Education.

License Requirements
Teachers must possess at least one of the following valid teaching license issued by the Illinois State Board of Education: Professional Educator License (PEL), Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) or a Substitute License.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skill. Knowledge of subject matter consistent with state certification requirements, knowledge of contemporary principles and practices of teaching, knowledge of classroom and behavior management techniques.
Ability to modify instruction to meet student needs, ability to cooperate with the school faculty and administration in the development and implementation of an articulated program of instruction, ability to work effectively with pupils, parents and guardians, staff members, and community representatives in providing an appropriate educational program; ability to understand the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional patterns of pupils.
Skill in the application of contemporary principles and practices of teaching, good oral and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills, skill in exercising sound and professional judgment.
Physical Requirements. Light Work: Exerting up to twenty (20) pounds of force occasionally, or up to ten (10) pounds of force frequently, or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Physical demands include the ability to stoop occasionally, reach frequently, handle and finger objects occasionally, talk and hear constantly, frequent use of near visual acuity, and occasional use offer visual acuity.
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