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Back-to-School Night

Meet your student's teachers and get an overview of each of their classes. Below is an alphabetical list of teachers that provided a video for the Back-to-School Night. Login to Parent Portal to see your student's schedule, then click on the class next to the teacher's name to hear about that course. Some teachers may have one video for all their classes and if you do not see a teacher listed, then a video is not available. Send an email directly to the teacher by clicking on their name or visit the staff list for more details.
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 Image JCP Counselors' Corner
- Teacher (email) Position Class 1 (video) Class 2 (video) Class 3 (video)
Dr. Achettu, Julie English Teacher English I Asian American Literature  
Mr. Adelmann, Andrew Diverse Learners Teacher English Classes Social Studies Occ Prep
Mr. Anderson, Paul English Teacher/Head Boys Swim Coach English II AP Language and Composition  
Mrs. Basa, Rhea Orchestra Director Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra    
Mr. Bastyr, Brian English Teacher English I Creative Writing  
Ms. Bingham, Nora Social Science Teacher United States History AP US Gov't & Politics   
Ms. Blackburn, Laura Pre-Law Teacher  Pre-Law II Civil Law, Pre-Law I Criminal Law, Law IV    
Mr. Block, Michael Band Director Band (Beginning, Concert/II, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band I/ II/ III/IV)    
Mr. Bochnak, Thomas Social Science Teacher World Studies AP Human Geography  
Mr. Borge, Michael Social Studies Teacher AP Macroeconomics Civics  
Mrs. Bowman, Kimberly Math Teacher, Co-Chair AP Calculus AB Probability and Statistics  
Mr. Brown, Robert Diverse Learners Teacher, Dept. Chair Diverse Learners Cluster Classroom    
Ms. Callan, Joan French Teacher French I French II  
Mr. Cappetta, Anthony Math Teacher AP Statistics Integrated Math II  
Ms. Cathcara, Erin Science Teacher Physics    
Mr. Clayton, Steven Physics Teacher Physics    
  Colby, Kathryn Choir Director, Department Chair Adv. Mix Chorus (I,II, IV), Adv. Piano I, Beginning Mix Chorus, Chamber Singers, Interm Mix Chorus II, Intermediate Mix Chorus    
Mrs. Conrad, Alexis Science Teacher, Co-Chair Physics    
Mr. Conway, Kevin Diverse Learners Teacher Civics, English I, United States History, World Studies    
Ms. Dernbach, Ann English Teacher English I English II  
Mr. Diedrich, Nicholas PE Teacher PE I, PE II    
Mr. Dipman, Benjamin English Teacher English I AP English Literature and Composition  
Mrs. Dipman, Jeanette Diverse learners Teacher Integrated Math (I, II), Art ACES    
Mr. Dominguez, Gabriel Visual Arts Teacher Digital Imaging I Honors Mixed Media  
Mr. Eck, Kyle Math Teacher Multivariable Calculus Integrated Math IV (Math 4B)  
Ms. Fast, Natasha Mathematics Teacher Adv Algebra with Trigonometry Integrated Math II  
Mr. Feeley, Francis School Librarian Library Resouce (Multiple Classes)    
Mr. Fitzpatrick, Frank History Teacher AP European History, United States History    
Ms. Foshay, Elisa Dance Teacher Dance Performance I Dance Performance II  
Ms. Foshay, Elisa Dance Teacher Dance Performance III Dance Performance IV  
Ms. Fritsch, Amy World Literature Teacher, NBCT Honors World Literature (Dual Credit)    
Mr. Griseto, Frank Phys Ed/ Athletic Director PE II    
Mr. Grossman, Theodore English Teacher English IV AP English Literature and Composition  
Ms. Guerrero, Olivia English Teacher English I, English III,  Latin American Literature  
Mr. Gunnink, Brady English Teacher AP Seminar AP English Language and Composition  
Mr. Hancock, Eric Science Teacher AP Environmental Science    
Ms. Harned, Jennifer Social Sciences Teacher AP Human Geography AP Psychology  
Mr. Hashimoto, Francis Engineering Teacher, Dept Co-Chair Principles of Engineering Civil Engineering & Architecture  
Mr. Heselton, Robert Department Chair PE-Junior/Senior Leaders, PE-Team Sports (Competitive)    
Mr. Hu, Howard Chemistry Teacher Chemistry    
Mr. Huang, Justin Math Teacher, Co-Chair Integrated Math II    
Ms. Jakupi, Jeanette History Teacher  World Studies    
Mrs. Jimenez, Evelyn Spanish Teacher Spanish III    
Mr. Jimenez-Rivera, Rafael Spanish Teacher AP Spanish Literature, Spanish For Heritage Speakers III, Spanish I    
Ms. Kahn, Ashley Diverse learners Teacher Cluster Program - Science, Social Studies, and World Language    
Mr. Kaushal, Jeewant Math Teacher Integrated Math IV Pre Calculus  
Mr. Kavalauskas, Richard English Teacher Contemporary Literature - English 11 American Literature  
Mr. Kerr, Russell Math Teacher AP Statistics Financial Algebra  
Mr. Kolody, Michael Computer Science Teacher AP Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science A  
Ms. Kroeger, Melynda Diverse Learners Teacher Resource Center I    
Mr. Larsen, Lance Visual Arts Teacher Advanced Art Lab II, Art I, Studio Sculpture I, Studio Sculpture II    
Mr. Lesniewski, Raymond AP and Honors Chemistry Teacher AP Chemistry,    
Ms. Lilagan, Cynthia Computer Science Teacher, Co-Chair AP Computer Science Principles, Exploring Computer Science    
Ms. Lowery, Nichole Science Teacher Biology AP Biology  
Mr. Lyons, Bradley Drama Teacher Drama I Drama II Theater Production I, II
Mr. Maggid, Ryan Social Studies Teacher United States History Journalism-Newspaper (I, II, III) AP Seminar
Ms. Makol Zamudio, Suzanne Visual Art Teacher Art I Digital Imaging I  
Ms. Martin, Cathleen Social Science Teacher African American History, Civics    
  Martinsek, Ellen Science Teacher AP Physics Physics  
Ms. McClory, Meghan Social Science Teacher AP Psychology    
Mr. Michniowski, Michal Science Teacher Environmental Science Biology  
Ms. Miller, Caitlin English Department Chair English III AP Research  
Mr. Mui, Jason Teacher  English II, English III, English IV, Resource Center I    
Mr. Myers, John Visual Arts, Chair Digital Imaging (II & III), Independent Study Art    
Ms. Nelson, Katherine Social Science Teacher  AP Human Geography, Civics    
Mrs. Parada, Michelle Spanish Teacher Spanish I, Spanish II    
Ms. Park, Heidi Science Teacher, Co-chair Chemistry Physics  
Mr. Pickett, Andrew Physical Education Teacher PE I, PE-Adventure Ed I    
  Podlipni, Peter Science Teacher Astronomy Biology  
Mr. Quach, Jeremy English Teacher English II African American Literature  
Mrs. Rayski, Sarah Math Teacher Math 3A Math 3B  
Mr. Reeves, William Mathematics Teacher Integrated Math I    
Ms. Reichert, Kara Science Teacher Chemistry AP Biology  
Mrs. Reineke, Eve Science Teacher Anatomy & Physiology Biology  
Mr. Remiasz, John Math Teacher Calculus, Integrated Math IV    
Ms. Ricketts, Emlyn Director, Honors Pre-Law Program (CTE) Criminal Psychlogy    
Mrs. Riste, Jamie Spanish Teacher Spanish II, Spanish III    
Ms. Roof, Corrie Diverse Learners Teacher Adv Algebra with Trigonometry, PE II, PE-Junior Leaders, PE-Senior Leaders, Pre Calculus, Resource Center I    
Ms. Rothe, Annie English teacher  English I English II  
Ms. Sanders, Marlita Science Teacher Chemistry    
Ms. Seitz, Sara Math Teacher Pre Calculus    
Ms. Siegel, Mary Ann English Teacher World Lit English II  
Mr. Slater, Melvin Engineering Teacher Digital Electronics, Intro Engr Design    
Mr. Sliwicki, Michael Spanish Teacher Spanish II, Spanish IV    
Mr. Smith, Garrett Science Teacher Biology Forensic Science  
Mr. Smith, Jonathan Social Science Teacher AP United States History AP US Gov't & Politics  
Mr. Sroka, Thomas PE Teacher PE-Strength/Condition I    
Ms. Steffen, Emily English Teacher AP English Language and Composition    
Mrs. Stichter, Elyse Physical, Health, and Safety Education Teacher PE I PE-Wellness Walking II  
Ms. Strickland, Laura Social Science Teacher Gender and Sexuality in History United States History  
Mr. Strok, Michael Physical Education Teacher PE II, PE-Team Sports (Competitive)    
Mr. Tanner, Michael Special Education Teacher - Moderat Cognitve Cluster Program Integrated Math (I, II, III, IV) Civics, Financial Literacy, World Studies American Sign Lang (I,II), Occupational Rel (I, II)
Mrs. Terry, Ming Chu Mandarin Chinese Teacher AP Chinese Language and Culture, Mandarin (II, III, IV)    
Mrs. Timkang, Michele Spanish teacher Spanish for Heritage Speakers II, Spanish II    
Ms. Tobin, Caitriona Math Teacher Adv Algebra with Trig. (Math 3A) AP Calculus BC  
Mr. Tornow, Nathan History Teacher & Social Science Chair World Studies United States History  
Mr. Vallecillo, Yoni Math Teacher Integrated Math III Integrated Math IV  
Mrs. Verhey, Cheryl APUSH & AP Gov Teacher AP United States History, AP US Gov't & Politics    
Ms. Vrettos, Lauren Physical Education Teacher PE II, PE-Aquatics I, PE-Team Sports (Competitive)    
  Wallenberg, Eyal Math Teacher Integrated Math II    
Ms. Waterman, Tory French teacher French II AP French Language and Culture  
Ms. Wracker, Danielle French/Spanish Teacher French III French IV  
Mr Wray, John Math teacher Integrated Math III (3B)    
Mrs. Yang, Xiaoying Mandarin Teacher  Mandarin I Mandarin III  
Mr. Zubb, Paul Health and Physical Education Teacher Health and Team Sports