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By completing registration you enable the school to have accurate records that are needed throughout the year to support our students.  Thank you for completing the online or in-person registration.  We look forward to the start of school on September 3 and are excited to begin another year at Jones.



In-person registration is not required at Jones and most things you need to complete such as paperwork, pay fees and obtain your student’s schedule can be found using the links below.
Available now
Image Go to Registration and FIIF


If you prefer to attend the in-person registration you may go to either session. In general, registration is busier at the start of the session. 
  • August 21 (2:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
  • August 22 (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
Jones College Prep
700 South State, South Cafeteria (2nd floor)
Chicago, IL 60605
  • Take yearbook photos (underclassmen retakes are 11/1)
  • ID Photo (Freshmen or Transfer students)
  • Online Registration Form (assistance available)*
    - Two proofs of address must be uploaded. We will also have scanners available
  • Family Income Information Form (FIIF)*
  • Submit medical forms
  • Schedule (Paper copy)
  • Pay Fees (cash, check, credit card or money order)
    • For a list of LSC-approved student fees please review our 2019-2020 Fee Schedule.  Fees are assessed based on grade and student schedules.  Some fees such as Sports Team Fees and AP Exam Fees are assessed throughout the year.

Review your student’s fees for the upcoming school year as well as previous years (if applicable) by signing in to Parent Portal on the Jones website (Parents> Parent Portal then Family > Transactions > Payment). You may pay these fees online through Parent Portal using a credit card or in-person on the day of registration with cash, check, credit card or money order; we cannot accept payments over the phone.  You can also send in payments to the following address:

Jones College Prep
Attn: Director of Finance
700 S. State St.
Chicago, IL 60605
Applying to have fees waived/reduced? Do not submit payment at this time. Please wait for results from the FIIF before submitting payment.  We cannot refund payments if you qualify for the waiver after fees have been paid.


Q: Unable to attend in-person registration?
A: Follow these steps:
  • Complete the JCP Registration Form and FIIF
  • Limited registration [obtain schedule, pay fees, drop off the Family Income Information Form (FIIF)], come to the Main Office Monday – Friday, 8/23/19 to 8/30/19, 8AM to 3PM.
  • Yearbook photo retakes/make-ups are September 24 (SENIORS only - yearbook) and September 30 (underclassmen) during the student's lunch period.
Q: Can my Jones student attend Registration without me?
A: If you're unable to attend either day of registration, students may attend without you to take yearbook/ID photos, obtain their schedule and turn in medical forms.  All other steps (complete Registration and FIIF forms, and pay fees) should be completed by the parent online.
Q: Why can't my student see their classes in Student Portal?
A: CPS releases schedules to Student Portal two weeks prior to the first day of school. Estimated date August 20, 2019.
What to expect the day of registration:
  1. Pick-up 2019 yearbook (if you did not receive it the last day of school)
  2. Confirm electronic upload of registration and Family Income Information Form (FIIF) and drop off health forms, and check medical compliance.
  3. Take Student ID picture or reorder new ID (if the student hasn't done so at Freshmen Connection or the previous year)
  4. Review student fees
  5. Pick-up schedule
  6. Take yearbook photo by Lifetouch during your registration. Use Picture Day ID: EVTQTVC6Q to order online at Make-up/Retake day is September 24 (SENIORS only - yearbook) and November 1st [updated] (underclassmen) during the student's lunch period (11:20am-1:35 pm). Seniors that would like to schedule portraits please contact Prestige Portraits Studio at (630) 910-6800.
Required (in-person)
If you are new to Jones, Illinois Health Examination Form is required. All families, regardless of waiver status should complete a fee waiver form or submit a decline if they choose to opt-out. 
  • All students must supply two proofs of address (see below for examples) by uploading them through the registration form.
  • Illinois Health Examination Form - To be completed by all freshmen and transfer students.
  • Family Income Information Form (FIIF) - available online through the registration link.

All students are required to provide two (2) proofs of Chicago residency at the start of each school year and after a move. Only readable and full documents will be accepted. Registration will not be complete without these supporting documents.  

Address verification is required by the Office of Inspector General. Review address and age verifications policy.


Accepted Proof:

  • Current utility bill (Gas, Light, Water) Copy of bill must show the service address and name, NOT a copy of the envelope.)
  • Illinois driver's license or State of Illinois identification card (One or two adults and/or the student's State ID are sufficient.).  You may submit two.
  • Deed
  • MediPlan/Medicaid card ONLY (Not an insurance card)
  • Court documents
  • Illinois Department of Public Aid card/Department of Human Services.
  • Stamped United States Post Office change of address form copy or a piece of mail with the yellow sticker indicating the new address.)
  • Illinois state aid check/social security check

Not Accepted Proof: 

  • Cable bill
  • Credit card bill
  • Cell phone bill
  • Bank statement


[Correct] vs [Incorrect Example: Too Small] or [IncorrectExamples: At an angle/Information Unreadable ]

Sm Proof Correct Sm Incorrect Proof Example 1 Sm Incorrect Proof Example 2