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Getting Started

  • How do I start a club?
First, you must assemble a small group of at least 3-5 students and find a faculty sponsor who will agree to supervise their club OR a faculty member must find a group of 3-5 students who are interested in leading a club. Next, check to see if similar groups already exist at Jones and consider the value in collaboration. If you for sure want to create your own club, then complete the registration form. Please no not leave fields blank - complete it after you gather all information.
  • Help! I missed the registration deadline! What do I do?
The 9/13/2019 "deadline" exists to get student clubs to get their acts together early on in the year so we can roll out the club fair and fall leadership summit. Student clubs can register at any point in the school year. Student clubs who missed the sign ups for club fair may try emailing Podlipni (, but no promises. Student clubs who miss the first fall leadership summit can attend the second one. Student clubs who register after both of these will attend only the spring leadership summit.
  • What is covered in the leadership summits?
Fall - organizational supports (goals, outcome-based planning, meeting agendas, calendars), Jones facility use, event planning and promotion, proactive communication & conflict resolution skills.