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SEASON: Spring​​​​​​

If we are to attain any of the goals which we have set for ourselves, it is important that each athlete is willing to commit herself to the following priority schedule:

  1. Essential family and religious commitments (vacation not included)
  2. Academic progress and responsibilities (classwork, mandatory school-sponsored functions)
  4. Any out-of-season sports (club sports) or other outside activities (i.e. work, vacations, leisure activities)​​​​​​​

In the event you are not involved in a winter sport at Jones College Prep, you are strongly encouraged to attend pre-season conditioning options and/or open hitting. Not only will this allow you to be in better physical condition when the season begins, but it will also give the coaches an opportunity to get to know you. Prepare for a busy Spring by developing sound study habits and prioritizing your academic responsibilities so that you will be ‘in line’ with the team’s standards. 

This year, our plans include fielding a Junior Varsity (13-15 athletes) and Varsity (12-14 athletes) team. Players’ abilities will be assessed at tryouts, and on an ongoing basis. No roster is ever “engraved in stone”. Through the course of tryouts, the entire coaching staff will work with and evaluate all athletes trying out for softball. In our collective opinion, we will select the student/athletes who will best meet the criteria listed below.

The selection of the teams will be based on the following criteria:

  • Tryout performance/speed
  • Desire and responsibility
  • Aggressive team and individual play
  • Coachability
  • Athletic ability and natural coordination
  • Softball knowledge
  • Team needs

After school practice times will vary for both Varsity and Sophomore teams. You are expected to be available for practice from 3:30 to 7:00pm on school days (practices will typically last approximately two hours within this window). In the early part of the season, the allocation of indoor space will dictate our practice times. To gain use of the gymnasium in the early season, we will hold some morning practices from 6:30 - 7:40am. As the season progresses, and we and are able to practice outside, we will practice immediately after school at 3:30pm. The days and times for all practices, including weekend and spring break, will be determined by the coaching staff. Please be on time as the practice schedule specifies. If you are late, you prevent the other members of the team from maximizing their allotted time. If you arrive to a 3:30 practice at 3:30 you are late. Be dressed, at the equipment closet, and ready to walk to the field at 3:30.

You are expected to attend all practices and games unless you are ill, academically ineligible, or have been previously excused by your coaches. NOTE: In the event you are injured, or become injured during the season, it is the expectation of the coaching staff that you attend practices as an observer, as well as communicate with your coach regarding any practices you may miss due to follow up doctor/PT/rehab appointments. Communication is EXTREMELY important and fully expected.

You are a select athlete and will be expected to perform as one. This means that when you come to practice, or to a game, you should bring an attitude that is conductive to the progress of the team. You must try to leave behind you all the frustration of the day, or anything else that will detract you from your performance on the field. We, as a coaching staff, will maintain a positive attitude toward you. There will be times when you will be confronted with mistakes you have made. We ask that you use this constructive feedback as it is intended, to make you a better player and us a better team.

The season will begin when there is still snow on the ground. Unless it is raining or extremely cold, we will go outside to practice, therefore, you need to come prepared. Please have proper clothing for both indoor and outdoor practices every day. Proper clothing will include softball pants to be worn at all outdoor practices. In addition to your cleats, bring another pair of shoes you can wear indoors. There may be times when we will go outside, and them come inside for additional practice.​​​​​​​

The coaching staff encourages you to invite your parents and friends to enjoy our games. However, all spectators will be expected to separate themselves from the players during the game. Players need to be free from distractions in order to concentrate on the matter at hand. It will be the responsibility of the players to remind their parent(s) and/or inform any guest who may be unaware with this policy. In addition to that, parents, friends, and any other spectators that support our program will not be permitted to sit in on conditionings, tryouts, or practices throughout the season.

The selection of a captain or captains will be left to the discretion of the coaching staff If and when captains are selected, they will be expected to function as role models for the other players. Their selection will be based on their proven ability to accept leadership responsibilities on the playing field, practice field, and inside the classroom. Additionally, they will help facilitate communication between players and the coaching staff. Additional responsibilities may be given to the team captain(s) including making sure all equipment is transported to and from the game, by those who are assigned, and to lead the stretching and warm-up activities prior to the game. The task of selecting a captain or captains is not taken lightly by the coaches and any observed abuse of duty by selected captains may result in immediate removal from the position.

The line-up for each game may vary as the season progresses. There may be changes in personnel as well as unforeseen circumstances that occur during the season. The best players for a given situation will be put on the field of play for each game, and such decisions are the responsibility of the coaching staff.


  1. Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory unless a player is excused by her coach. Absences from practice must be pre-arranged and approved by your coach. Verbal messages passed along by other players are not acceptable at any time. Practices are used to determine the line-up for games. If a player has an unexcused absence from practice, she must realize that her position on the team may be affected. (This DOES include family vacations during spring break and weekend practices. NOTE: Jobs are NOT acceptable excuses for missing practices and/or games. Please share your practice and game schedules with your employers in advance to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Players are representatives of Jones College Prep High School. Swearing, throwing equipment, cheating, insubordination, and other unsportsmanlike acts will NOT be tolerated. Suspension from one or more contests and/or expulsion from the team may result from unsportsmanlike acts. 2.
  3. Players will receive uniforms prior to the first game. These MUST be worn at all scheduled contests. Players should take good care of uniforms because they are passed on to future teams. Players will have to pay to replace uniforms that they abuse or lost.
  4. Playing time is non-negotiable. Coaches are responsible for the determination of playing time based on what is witnessed on a daily basis in practice. Playing ability is not the only variable in the decision of playing time. In addition to playing ability, coaches will focus on coachability, punctuality, team chemistry, effort, motivation, attitude, and overall desire to make the team better in the decision of who will receive playing time. We will strive to field the best team possible to achieve our team goals.