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2012 Season Summary

Jones College Prep Girls Tennis!!!

This is a no-cut tennis team.  That means regardless of ability you are welcome to join the team.  There are only 3 ways you will not be allowed on the team.  Not having an up to date physical (physicals are only good for one year).  Being on the Activities Ineligibility List (either due to grades or discipline).  Missing practices or meets without communicating with a coach or captain.  
The team has 3 goals every year.  
1) No one gets hurt.
2) Everyone has fun.
3) Every player is a better tennis player at the end of the season than at the beginning.       

8/28 - @ Lane (W, 3-2)
8/29 - @ CICS (W, 7-1)
9/4 - @ Morgan (L, 0-5)
9/25 - @ Northside (W, 3-2)
9/26 - vs. Payton (L, 1-4)
9/28 & 9/29 - CPS Open Tournament
9/28 & 9/29 - CPS City Individual Championship Tournament
10/1 - @ Taft (Varsity Team Championship Round 1)
10/2 - @ Kelly
10/3 - @ Mather
10/5 - CPS Open Tournament - Riis Park (6400 W Fullerton)
10/6 - Varsity and JV City Team Tournament (Semifinals) - 9 am at Tuley Park
10/12 - Sectionals - 1 pm at U-High
Oct 23 - The season ended very well for the Lady Eagles.  The varsity finished 4th in CPS behind Whitney Young, Morgan Park, and Payton which is the highest finish we have ever had.  The Junior Varsity team finished in second place only behind Whitney Young.  That also is our highest finish.  Lexie finished 4th place in the city individual tournament and so did Jessica and Raelyn for 3rd doubles.  Jola and Erin also finished fourth in the CPS Open.  We were moved into a harder sectional this year and unfortunately none of our girls got out of their first round matches.  Lane finished 4th in the sectional we got moved out of so I am confident we could have finished top four in that sectional since we beat Lane earlier this year.  The only thing left on the agenda is the Sports Banquet which is on November 14th.  Hope to see everyone there!
Sept 25 - We beat Northside!!!  This is something the team has not done in its short 8 year history.  The varsity came away with a 3-2 win while the JV squad carried the day with a 4-1 win.  There was a lot of great tennis and I know I say it often but some of the best tennis we have played to date.  Tomorrow is an even tougher opponent in Payton but I think if we played like we did today we might be able to steal a match or two.
Sept 21 - Last night was an amazing night for tennis.  The ladies traveled to Taft where there were really close matches played all around.  The only issue is with the longer school days we are later in getting the matches started and in we are now finding we are unable to complete all of our matches.  Lexie won in straight sets at #1 singles.  Regina lost a close match in straight sets at #2 singles.  Lauren and Norah lost 6-10 in a third set tie-breaker after wonderfully battling back after losing the first set.  Stephanie and Raelyn were down big in the first set and came back to win the first set 7-5 and then were about to head into a second set tiebreaker when their opponent had to withdraw with an injury.  We only got through a couple games of #3 doubles and did not get to play any JV matches.
Sept18 - Strike is ovah!  What that means for our schedule I have no idea.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) let's have an all team practice from 3:30-5:30.  We are supposed to play Taft on Thursday but I need to make a whole ton of phone calls to figure out what needs to happen with our schedule.  So if you can be patient and give me a day or two to put things in some reasonable order and get back to you it would be much appreciated.  But tomorrow, bring gear, ready to play, can't wait to see all of you!
Sept 6 - Sorry for the late notice.  Lindbloom can no longer make our match today so we will have practice today and tomorrow.  Please check your email to see our practice schedule.
Aug 29 - The eagles traveled to CICS Northtown today to play an exhibition match.  Eight matches were played and the lady eagles won 7 of them.  For many of the players this was their first match which is a terrific way to start off a tennis career.  Way to go ladies!  We were supposed to host Brooks tomorrow unfortunately they haven't organized their team yet so we they will not be coming.  So check your email for a revised practice schedule for tomorrow and Friday.  
Aug 28 - The lady eagle tennis team defeated Lane today 3-2.  It was a very close match that came down to a third set tiebreaker for Regina and Lauren.  They pulled out their match and the win for the team.  Way to go with the pressure on!  The JV team lost a hard fought match 1-4.  
August 27 - Just a reminder we are now on an afternoon schedule.  Don't come to morning practices!  Today's practice is from 3:30 - 5:30.
August 23 - Sorry for the lack of updates.  My internet went down at home for the past couple of days.  Tomorrow after practice we will be having a picnic.  Hopefully you have placed a Potbelly's order with us.  If not we will have some extras.  Please bring your own drink and something to sit on if you don't like sitting on grass.  I look forward to seeing you there!

August 14 (afternoon) - Tomorrow we will practice at Grant Park (corner of Columbus and Balbo) on the same early / late schedule.  If you need to change the time you come just let me know.  There are water fountains at the courts but I do not know if they are on.  Bring plenty of water, make sure you eat something in the morning. 

August 14 - I was informed last night that the nets are up at Grant Park.  Because I felt I could not inform everybody in time we will still practice on Tuesday at Whitney Young and start practice at Grant Park on Wednesday.
August 13 - Our first practice on Tuesday will be at Whitney Young (on the corner of Laflin and Monroe).  Because there are fewer courts there are two practice sessions (9-10:30 and 10:30 - noon).  You should have gotten an email assigning you to one of those times.  If you did not get an email then come to either one.
August 12 - Our first practice will have to wait a day.  It is going to rain and the nets still aren't up from Lollapalooza (sp?).  I am working to get the nets up or have us move to another location.  We will definitely practice Tuesday but the location might change.  I might also need to divide the roster in half so some of you might start at 9 and go to 10:30 and others might start at 10:30 and go to noon.  If you cannot go until noon please send me an email so I can adjust the times accordingly.  I will let you know ASAP once I figure out what is going on with our courts.  Sorry for the issues.
July 10 - Practice starts August 13th; 9 am at the Grant Park tennis courts (Columbus and Balbo). What you need to bring to practice:

1) Sports Physical Form
2) Wear athletic clothes (including non-scuffing gym shoes)
3) Water
4) Positive Attitude
5) Your racket (if you don't have a racket I have some that a few players can borrow.  If you are thinking about buying a racket I recommend contacting me before doing so.)

While all of the above are essential the first one is the most important. Without a sports physical form you cannot practice or play on this team.  If you show up on the first day without a physical I can only let you watch and not play...
Questions, Comments, Concerns?
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