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Jones Athletic Code
Athletics are a privilege and a fundamental part of our education process. The development of the physical capacities of youth can balance and augment the intellectual, emotional and social growth of each athlete. Jones College Prep administrators, coaches, and sponsors believe students who are involved in co-curricular activities should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of their school and community. Students who represent their school are expected to maintain high standards of conduct whether in the school or the community.
Students who exhibit behavior unbecoming of an athlete will be subject to disciplinary action. Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to, distribution/dealing illegal drugs, possession or use of drugs including performance-enhancing drugs, theft, vandalism, hazing, possession or use of a weapon, gang activity, and any other violation of the Chicago Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct. In addition, the student-athlete must be passing all classes and not on the Activities Ineligible List (AIL), to participate in athletic contests and practices on a weekly basis. Penalties for violations of discipline policies will be determined by the Team Coach, Athletic Director, Dean of Students, and/or Administration. Penalties will vary from partial to full suspension as determined by the violation as prescribed by the CPS Code of Conduct if applicable.
 Philosophy Statement
The mission of our co-curricular program is to provide opportunities for our student-athletes, to compete, strive for excellence in their sport, and to develop life skills beyond the classroom. Through the competition of interscholastic sport, student-athletes must maintain strong leadership which prepares them for graduation and life after Jones College Prep.
The following sports are offered throughout the year at Jones College Prep. Please click on the link to see each sports home page. 
Fall Sports   Gender Sponsor
Cross Country Boys -
Cross Country Girls Ms. Lauren Ayala
Soccer Boys Mr. Paul Zubb
Volleyball Girls Mr. Casey Feeney
Tennis Girls Mr. Ernest Ricketts
Swimming Girls Mr. Garrett Smith

Golf Boys/Girls  Mr. David Gilmer  (Boys)  Mr. Mike Strok (Girls)
Pom Pon/Dance Boys/Girls Ms. Jazmyne Davis
Cheer Boys/Girls Ms. Cherelle Brown
Winter Sports Gender Sponsor
Basketball (m) Boys Mr. Rich Kavalauskas
Basketball (w) Girls Mr. Nick Teich
Bowling (v) Boys/Girls Mr. Tucker Brown (Boys) /   TBD
Competitive Dance Co-ed Ms. Jazmyne Davis
Competitive Cheer Co-ed Ms. Cherelle Brown
Swimming Boys TBD

Spring Sports Gender Sponsor
Baseball Boys Mr. Dave Rosene
Lacrosse Boys Mr. Nate Marsh
Lacrosse Girls Mr. Michael Milikan
Softball Girls TBD
Soccer Girls Mr. Derek Blysma
Tennis Boys Mr. Ernest Ricketts
Track Boys
Track Girls TBD
Volleyball Boys Mr. Howard Hu
Water Polo Boys Mr. Garrett Smith
Water Polo Girls Mr. Mac Varilla

Athletic / Eligibility Rules
Co-Curricular involvement is an essential part of the student's development as a well-rounded individual. In addition, highly selective colleges and universities look favorably on teamanship experiences, found in athletics.

Jones College Prep follows all rules as outlined by the IHSA ( and the Chicago Public League Athletic Association.
  • All student-athletes must earn a grade point average of 2.00 to be eligible to participate in athletics at any time during the school year.
  • A student is ineligible if they failing more than one class at any time during the school year. Failure to do so will land the student-athlete on the Academic Ineligibility List (AIL). A weekly check of academic progress will be implemented by the Athletic Director and/or Activity Director to help assure that the student is making adequate improvements. If adequate progress is proven, the student can resume participation. 
  • Any student who is placed on the AIL for disciplinary issues will also be ruled ineligible until that student can satisfy all outstanding detentions or terms of suspensions.
Fees, Payment Plans, and Fee Waivers
Fees are collected to support programs that benefit the students. All athletes will pay a participation fee for each sport. 

Sometimes, families face financial hardships. JCP wants all students to be able to participate in programs even when in the midst of a financial crisis. Payment plans and/or fee waivers are available for families who cannot afford to pay fees. Fee waivers apply only to the JCP sports participation fee. Parents should contact the Director of Finance & Operations (773-534-8618) to inquire about these provisions. Fee waivers are not applicable to debts and fines. A payment plan may be worked out for debts and fines with the approval of the Director of Finance and Operations.
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