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Resource Program

The Resource program at Jones provides individualized academic and social/emotional support for students with IEPs. Resource Program staff are specialists who provide support to individual students in addition to serving as liaisons with General education teachers.

One of the central goals of the Resource program is to teach the student to self-advocate. Resource program students carry regular college prep class loads, making it crucial for them to learn how to use their IEP to receive the assistance they need. We believe that the IEP should function as a tool to assist the student during their career at Jones College Prep. We strive to ensure that every student fully understands their IEP goals and related modifications and accommodations.

Our Resource program staff work to establish supports for students with IEPs in general education settings. These supports include consultation between the IES teacher and general education teacher. IES teachers work with general education teachers to make classroom and assignments more accessible to IES students. In our general education classrooms, we employ methods including differentiated instruction and co-teaching in order to provide inclusive, transparent supports.

In addition, students who need extra time during the day to accomplish their IEP goals have access to a resource period and resource teacher support. We provide resource room services from zero period (before school) through 9th period (after school). Our resource room functions as a place where students can receive individualized assistance with homework, extra time for exams, as well as social/emotional support.