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Benchmark Tests & Auditions

Date(s): TBD
See details for language, math, and performing art proficiency testing.
Starting high school with the right foundation helps prepare students down the line. 
Word Language
Freshmen with previous experience in languages offered at Jones should take a placement exam. Main languages offered include Spanish, French, and Chinese (Mandarin).
  • Last names starting with A-L will test on TBD.
  • Last names starting with M-Z will test on TBD.
If you have questions regarding testing please contact Jamie Riste
ALL freshmen are being asked to take a benchmark test in math.
  • Last names starting with A-L will test on TBD.
  • Last names starting with M-Z will test on TBD.
The Math 1 Benchmark Test will take approximately one hour, and students will not be allowed to use a calculator on the exam. Students should bring a pencil.
Arrive 15 minutes early so testing can begin promptly. Once their test is complete, they are allowed to leave.
The benchmark exam will be used to determine the math course placements for next year.
  • If a student takes the CPS Algebra Exit Exam, results will be considered for his/her placement. Students that take the CPS Algebra Exit Exam still must take the math benchmark exam.
  • If a student does not take the CPS Algebra Exit Exam, we will use the benchmark exam to determine his/her placement for next year.
Freshmen interested in testing into Math 3 (Algebra 2) must take the Jones Math 2 Benchmark Test. This test will be held immediately following the Math 1 Benchmark Test, and it will also last approximately one hour. Students will be allowed to use a non-CAS graphing calculator on this exam. Students will need to bring their own calculator.
If you have a conflict with the date(s) or have further questions please contact Math Department Co-Chair Kim Bowman
Freshmen with prior experience in band, jazz band, choir or orchestra may audition for placement in intermediate and advanced level ensembles.
  • Students whose last names start with A-L will test on TBD.
  • Students whose last names start with M-Z will test on TBD.
Please email to schedule an audition. Band (only TBD) - Michael Block Choir - Katie Colby Orchestra - Rhea Basa
Prepare for your audition by reviewing the audition material below:
Choir Audition Material
Students should prepare Good Night Cannon and 30 seconds of any style song to show off their voice. Students will also have their range tested, perform a 4 measure sight reading (in 4/4 time, major key, starting and ending on do/1/root, optional solfege), be assessed on their ability to hold their part and take a brief written exam. The written exam will test knowledge of pitch name (in treble and bass clefs), key signatures, intervals, and time signatures. Knowledge of solfege is encouraged, but not required.
Orchestra Audition Material
(For students playing violin, viola, cello or bass)
Any freshmen interested in placing into Intermediate or Advanced Orchestra will need to audition for Mrs. Basa, Orchestra Director at Jones.

You will be asked to play -
  1. Scales
  2. An excerpt from any piece you are working on
  3. Sight reading
Please contact Mrs. Basa at with any questions. Looking forward to meeting you!
Band and Jazz Audition Material
Auditions only available on TBD, for band.
In order to be enrolled in Eagle Band, Advanced Band and/or Jazz Band, you will need to complete an audition using the materials below.
Materials for each instrument include a “Jones Audition Excerpts” sheet and a “Jones Audition Scales” sheet. Please practice both sheets to the best of your ability. Make sure you practice the sheets that correspond to your instrument. Remember, regardless of your ability level, we have a place for you in the Jones College Prep Bands. However, if you wish to play in Eagle Band (Intermediate) or Concert Band (Advanced) you will need to demonstrate satisfactory skills in the areas of pitch, tone, rhythm, technique and musicality. 
To audition for Jazz Band, practice the “Jones Audition Scales” and “Jones Jazz Audition” sheets. The top half of the “Jazz Audition Sheet” is to be played in the indicated style. The bottom half is for improvisation. Improvisation is optional but highly recommended. Use the “Improv_Track” file as background music as you practice for the improvisation portion of the audition.
*Drummers do not need to improvise although there is a section at the end for a 2 measure drum fill.