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Benchmark Tests & Auditions


Date(s): See details below
See details for language, math, and performing art proficiency testing.
Our normal procedures for recommending placements for students have been disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some guidelines for selecting a math class for your Freshman year:
Course Descriptions
Math 1: This course covers core concepts from Algebra 1, along with investigations of linear programming problems, exponent laws, logarithms, and normal distributions. This course is recommended for students who have not taken Algebra 1 before or for students who do not feel confident in their mastery of Algebra 1 skills. You do not need to take a benchmark exam to be placed in Math 1. However, you DO need to email Ms. Bowman at to indicate this choice. Please include the student's full name and ID number.
Math 2: This course covers core concepts from Geometry, along with investigations of quadratics, trigonometry, and expected value. This course is recommended for students who have a strong mastery of skills from Algebra 1. You will need to meet the required percentage on the Math 1 benchmark exam (see the information below) to be placed in Math 2. If you receive Algebra Competency from a district-approved Algebra 1 course, you will be eligible to take Math 2, although we may still recommend Math 1 depending on the results from the Math 1 benchmark exam.
Math 3: This course covers core concepts from Geometry and Algebra 2, along with investigations of trigonometry, conic sections, and binomial distributions. This course is recommended for students who have a strong mastery of skills from high school level Algebra 1 and Geometry courses. You will need to meet a required percentage on a Math 1 AND Math 2 benchmark exam (see information below) to be placed in Math 3.
Math 4: This course covers core concepts from pre-calculus in preparation for any calculus course. This course is recommended for students who have a strong mastery of skills from high school level Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. You will need to meet a required percentage on a Math 1 AND Math 2 benchmark exam, have taken a course equivalent to Algebra 2, and schedule an interview (see information below) with a math teacher to be placed in Math 4.
The purpose of the benchmark exam is to help find the most appropriate placement for you so that we can support your learning as best as possible. Academic dishonesty will only lead to bad information and thus, a suboptimal educational experience. While completing the benchmark exam, please follow this guidance:
  • Finding a quiet place to complete the exam with minimal distractions
  • Have paper and pencil/pen ready for scratch work
  • Set aside 45 minutes of undisrupted time to complete this exam
  • Do NOT use a textbook, notes, or resources on the internet
  • Do NOT accept help or guidance from anyone else (this should be your work)
  • If you receive accommodations or modifications from an IEP or 504, please contact Kim Bowman at so that we can arrange for those changes to be made Benchmark exams can either be accessed online (links below) or a physical copy can be picked up from and returned to the school building.
  • The deadline for all benchmark exams and interviews is June 12.
Instructions for selecting a math course:
  • MATH 1: If you want to take Math 1 next year, email Kim Bowman at indicating your preference. Please include the student's full name and ID number.
  • MATH 2: If you are interested in placement into Math 2, complete the Math 1 Benchmark Exam using this link:
  • MATH 3: If you are interested in placement into Math 3, complete BOTH the Math 1 Benchmark Exam (link above) and the Math 2 Benchmark Exam using this link:
  • MATH 4: If you are interested in placement into Math 4, complete the Math 1 and Math 2 Benchmark exams (links above) and email Kim Bowman at to schedule a conference.
Given the disruptions to the regular school year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we urge you to seriously reflect on which course would provide the best learning experience for you. If you have any questions, please contact the math department co-chair Kim Bowman at K or Assistant Principal Dr. Plunkett at or 773-534-8600 ext. 48633.

Word Language (as of May 15, 2020)
As you may know from previous communications, the World Language Department at Jones requires a placement test for all incoming freshmen that have previous knowledge of any of the three languages that the school offers: Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish. It is very important that the students take the exam if they feel that they are ready to take a higher level of the language. Students with no previous language experience will be placed automatically into the first level of their chosen language. 
Due to the circumstances, Spanish and French exams will take place online from home and be proctored by our World Language teachers. The exam will take place on May, 26 at 9:00 am. In case of emergencies, the makeup day is June, 2 at 9:00 am. A computer or tablet with an internet connection is required. 
The Chinese placement test will have a different format and testing date. For information about the Chinese placement test please contact Mrs. Terry at or Ms. Yang
In order to take the Spanish or French placement tests, please submit the google form attached by May 20. Once completed, confirmation and steps will be sent to the student.  
MAY 20 is the deadline to register for the exam on May 26.  If the student does not take the exam, they will automatically be placed in level one.  Student schedules CANNOT be changed in September.  
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr. González Díaz at

Freshmen with prior experience in band, jazz band, choir, or orchestra may audition for placement in intermediate and advanced level ensembles. Auditions will take place on Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17 via video chat on Google Meet.  A parent must sit in on the audition to comply with CPS Acceptable Use Policy.  
Step 1: Click on the links below to schedule an audition. This is only for students will prior experience.
If you are unable to audition over video chat or are unable to audition on May 16-17, please contact the director of the program for which you wish to audition.
Step 2: Prepare for your audition by reviewing the audition material at
Choir Audition Material
Students who would like to enroll in Beginning Choir need not audition. Please email with any questions.

The audition will consist of:
1.  Singing Good Night Cannon (linked below)
2.  A range test (to show where the student's voice is developmentally)
3.  A sight reading excerpt (4/4 time, major key, starting and ending on do/1/root, solfege given)
4.  Singing 30 seconds of any style song to show off their voice (may be omitted for time)

On Wednesday, April 13th students will be emailed a brief written assessment to be completed before the audition.  The exam will test the following:
1. Pitch name in treble and bass clefs
2. Key signatures
3. Intervals
4. Time Signatures
Orchestra Audition Material
(For students playing violin, viola, cello or bass)
Any freshmen interested in placing into Intermediate or Advanced Orchestra will need to audition for Mrs. Basa, Orchestra Director at Jones.

You will be asked to play -
  1. Scales
  2. An excerpt from any piece you are working on
  3. Sight reading
Please contact Mrs. Basa at with any questions. Looking forward to meeting you!
Band and Jazz Audition Material
In order to be enrolled in Eagle Band, Advanced Band and/or Jazz Band, you will need to complete an audition using the materials below.
Materials for each instrument include a “Jones Audition Excerpts” sheet and a “Jones Audition Scales” sheet. Please practice both sheets to the best of your ability. Make sure you practice the sheets that correspond to your instrument. Remember, regardless of your ability level, we have a place for you in the Jones College Prep Bands. However, if you wish to play in Eagle Band (Intermediate) or Concert Band (Advanced) you will need to demonstrate satisfactory skills in the areas of pitch, tone, rhythm, technique and musicality. 
To audition for Jazz Band, practice the “Jones Audition Scales” and “Jones Jazz Audition” sheets. The top half of the “Jazz Audition Sheet” is to be played in the indicated style. The bottom half is for improvisation. Improvisation is optional but highly recommended. Use the “Improv_Track” file as background music as you practice for the improvisation portion of the audition.
*Drummers do not need to improvise although there is a section at the end for a 2 measure drum fill.