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Counselors' Corner » Remediation- Making Up A Failed Class

Remediation- Making Up A Failed Class

Remediation- Making Up Failed Classes
If you fail a class, the first and most important thing to do is to see your counselor immediately. There are 3 remediation options available to Jones students.
1. K12 online classes are available at Jones during 9th period. Look at the document at the bottom of the page regarding K12 registration and course descriptions.
2. CPS Evening or Saturday School are also an option at a high school in your neighborhood. Jones does not offer Evening or Saturday School courses. Each high school has their own firm deadlines very early in each quarter/semester and course offerings, days and times change regularly. See your Counselor TODAY if you want to enroll in an evening or Saturday school class.
3. Summer school at Jones or at a CPS High School. We won't know what Jones' summer school course offerings and format will be until late spring semester. Therefore, if a course is available to make-up through options 1 or 2, you should take the opportunity.
Once you have decided how you will make-up the class, take the remediation information that we provide and register for the class right away. Deadlines are firm and pass quickly.
Once you are in the class, take the make-up class seriously and pass it, while also passing all of your current Jones classes! Remember, avoiding the issue will do you no good! If you don’t have the necessary credits for graduation you simply will not graduate on time.