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Grading/CPS Graduation Requirement Information

Grades, Grading Scale, GPA and Graduation Requirements
Students and parents are now able to see real-time grades. Parents can go to and students go to to check grades. Students need to use their Jones computer log-in information to log-in to Gradebook.

Every 5 weeks, Jones runs a progress report or report card of student's grades.
5 week grades- Progress Report mailed home in early October
10 week grades- Report Card Pick-Up Day in November
15 week grades- Progress Report mailed home in December
20 week semester grades- Report Card mailed home and the grade is put on transcripts end of January/early February

After finals in late January, a new semester starts.
We repeat the cycle of grade reports.
25 week grades- Progress Report mailed home in February
30 week grades- Report Card Pick-Up Day in April
35 week grades- Progress Report mailed home in May
40 week semester grades- Report Card Pick-up on the last day of school and the grade is put on transcripts about the end of June

Jones' Grading Scale
  90-100 A
  80-89 B
  70-79 C
  60-69 D
  Below 60 F

Grade Point Average Methodology
Letter grades are assigned a different point value at each class level. Cumulative grade point averages (GPA) are computed at the end of each semester and include all courses.

                   LEVEL     A         B       C        D      F
                   Regular    4.0      3.0     2.0     1.0     0

                   Honors     5.0      4.0     3.0     1.0     0

Advanced Placement    6.0      5.0     4.0     1.0     0

CPS Graduation Requirements
4.0 English credits
3.0 Mathematics credits
3.0 Science credits
2.0 World Language credits
3.0 Social Science credits
1.0 Performing Art credit
1.0 Visual Art credit
3.0 Physical Education credit
2.0 College-Career Pathways credits
2.0 Elective credits
Total: 24 CREDITS
Graduation Requirement Information:
1. Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits as described above to earn a diploma from Chicago Public Schools. This means that students must pass their classes with a grade of A, B, C or D to earn the credit.
2. Each student must pass an examination on the Declaration of Independence, the flag of the United States, the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Illinois, Consumer Education, Health and Drivers Education.
3. Students must also take the PSAE test in April of their Junior year.
4. Students must complete 45 hours of Service Learning activities prior to graduation.
5. A program of courses is developed every spring through collaboration among students, their parents or guardians, and their counselor.

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